ASU fired their coach

No one said that Anderson (or Nolan) was lazy in recruiting. Discussion here in '18, including testimonials from those who knew some of the top players, was that MA did not pursue them aggressively & some good ones therefore committed elsewhere. Was also discussed that MA’s style of play turned away some of the good recruits. Perhaps our low recruiting rankings under MA reflected that. That being said, our fans, including myself, were excited when MA came to UofA, he is a class act & extremely well liked, & we all wanted him to be successful at Arkansas (& at St John),

For those students who qualify for tuition help from out of state, they are still paying more than in-state tuition. It’s also on a sliding scale. I guess you could say we could do away with those scholarships and go back to 13-15k students.

I think for in-state kids, UA depends on the lottery scholarships to a great extent.


What recruits are you talking about?

Read the several MA threads from 2018 where fans discussed & debated the status of the BB program issues, including recruiting.

I listed every top Arkansas recruit during Anderson’s time and what happened to them. If there are any other I missed, would like to know,

Kermit grew up in Stankvile. His wife grew up in Helena. The boro may not look all that bad to them, If he still wants to coach. If it were me, I’d be ready to travel during the offseason, then maybe do some studio analyzing.

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Kermit would be a solid hire, I think he is a good coach, but I think they will take a bit of a flier on a young coach and hope they hit a jackpot. Davis would likely be a program stabilizer who would finish his career there, but not an exciting hire in the eyes of either of the fans.

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Now wait a minute Keith. I’m hearing that one of those two fans is very excited about Kermit coaching the Mighty Red Wolves.

They put all they have into trying to be a major football power. They’re not succeeding at that. They have no chance at doing any good at basketball or baseball while starving those programs. They got the State to buy them a basketball arena 35 years ago, but it’s now old and dated. No other amenities for players I’m aware of. Their baseball field isn’t as nice as some American Legion fields.


Focus the state’s limited resources & fan support on one state flagship University in efforts to make it successful rather than trying to prop up a lame horse that will never be relevant nor anything more than it is.