ASU fired their coach

Will they go after MA?

I wasn’t even aware they still had a basketball team. If I were them, I’d think local. I would at least interview Wes Swift.

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They’d have to be really desperate to hire Wes Swift. No college basketball experience at all. Especially now, when you not only have to recruit your roster but re-recruit them at the end of the season. Balado got fired in part because he lost Desi and Omier in the portal and couldn’t replace them.

Anderson seems the logical choice, Muss only takes the very best from the state, Anderson would have his choice of some very good in state players. But would MA be interested?

I dont think he would be interested in that kind of pay cut. You never know though. The local tribal grounds message board hate all things Razorback and have already given their opinions about CMA. Not good!


Sad clowns suffer from serious envy/jealous mindset.

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John Brady went from Final Four with LSU in 2006 to coach at A-State.

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Recollect Anderson overlooking a lot of good in-state players & not aggressively recruiting them while at UofA. He knows the territory & the local HS coaches & well liked so perhaps ASU would be a good opportunity for him to end his career & be in Arkansas where he has expressed wanting to retire.

I don’t think they’d hire MA even if he’d take the job. Too many asu people resent the UA too much to do that.

Probably true but asu can’t afford to be too choosy. asu may be too much of a step down for MA, & with his buyout he probably has the option to retire.

ASU can’t be choosy at all. Program sucks & it’s a distant second to football in the hearts of its fans. Facilities are dated. Not lots of money to work with. I expect they’ll hire some AC from some moderately successful P5 program who wants a shot at an HC job. All he has to do is show reasonable improvement & he might be able to parlay it into a better gig.

Dickey Nutt is the only one to get them to NCAA Tourney. Maybe they will bring him back.

Nah, he’s having too much fun at MO.


asu will always be a stepping stone for something better. Can’t imagine it being a desirable destination for any quality or ambitious coach. Their fans don’t do much to help their reputation. Per being out of state, I was somewhat supportive of asu because they were in Arkansas, but not anymore.

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ASU had a decent year last year at 18-11, but it’s two best players Norchad Omier and Desi Silks entered portal to move up. Omier was a key player in Miami winning ACC. And ASU did not quite replace them.

This is happening every year to Darrell Walker at UALR. His best players like Kimani Johnson keep entering portal. Mid-majors are having their own two and done situation.

It is a tough world out there for second tier college basketball coaches.


Yes, UCA’s best player is in the portal too.

I wonder if big programs will start using mid majors like they used to use Jucos.

Example: UA could send players like Pinion and Ford to UCA for a year to gain playing time and experience. Then, bring them to UA as sophomores.

UCA would benefit and so would UA.

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I am not sure if things will work like they used to in Ron Brewer days. But there has been some flow of players from P6 schools, who don’t get much PT, stepping down to mid majors to build their resume to move back up again, I think Desi is a good example.

They’ve stopped that. You only get one free transfer. Second time, without a waiver, you have to sit out a year.

Yep. You’d have to “place” them at someplace like UCA out of high school & then try to get them from the portal. Probably not a workable idea.

Interesting how things change in short time period. During Chad Morris years when both football and basketball were below where they are now, everyone was bannering back and forth about playing ASU in Little Rock yearly. Now that has died down, I do not think ASU wants anything to do with UA in Football, Basketball or Baseball right now and the other sports do not offer any hope either.

UCA has chance to become second highest rank program in state it seems.

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Yeah, that’s what I meant. Placing them there out of high school.

Baseball has done a lot of that with jucos due to scholarship limits. Also, the kids are playing rather than riding the pine.