ASU fan apologizes to Hog fans

This video is funny

Can ASU really keep a coach who just lost to State Teachers (I’m old enough to remember when UCA still went by Arkansas State Teachers College)? I have to think Blake Anderson is in jeopardy of joining Grasseater on the unemployment line. ASU is not paying him $700K to lose to a bad FCS team.

Ha! The old Arkansas Intercollegiate Conference (AIC) if my memory serves me. Maybe Gus can come back and coach the Red Wolves or Les Miles :lol: Might be something to that non-compete with other Arkansas schools!

Good post, Marty!

Correct. ASTC/SCA/UCA was in the AIC from 1928-1993, when they and Henderson State left for the Gulf South Conference. UCA then went FCS/D-I in hoops in 2006, transitioning to the Southland Conference.

As for Gus, can’t remember where I heard it, but someone over the weekend (before the LSU game) was talking about all that Gus’ offense had to offer was tempo, and if he doesn’t have Cam or Nick Marshall to run it, it’s pretty unremarkable. That seems to be the case. Six field goals is usually not enough to beat anyone, except for Les. Although I seem to recall a game where Texas didn’t score a touchdown at RRS but beat Ken Hatfield 15-13.

I have no idea what the terms of his contract are, but I’d bet he’s got a relatively healthy buyout. ASU can’t afford to pay him $700k/yr not to coach & even if his buyout is only 2 years of the contract, that’d mean about $1.4M. After Freeze then Malzahn got stolen away I know they upped the buyout a coach (or his new school) had to pay, but I imagine any coach who agreed to a penalty if he got a better offer also got a guarantee for himself if things went south. This was bound to happen to ASU. After getting lucky with 2 coaches, Freeze & Malzahn, and then having Harsin go to his alma mater, too, they’ve now got a coach no one will want & they can’t fire. At least not very easily. There are only so many times they can increase the student athletic fee. I think it’s already $18/semester hour per student. Money will get tight when they lose & have to pay big bucks for coaches.

Thanks to the old FOI request, the ADG has the letter of understanding that Anderson got when they hired him. He is currently in the third year of his contract; the buyout now is his one-year salary, $700,000. Is the NEA money like Johnny Allison willing to write a check to get rid of him? We shall see.

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Has his contract not been extended at the end of each year? Perhaps not. I thought it was routine these days for the schools to extend the contract each year. ASU might have realized it couldn’t afford that luxury.

At the end of the MOU, Clause #24 says he will get a one year extension if he wins eight games in one season against FBS opponents. Which is exactly what he did last year; they went 8-0 in the Sun Belt, lost four NC games to FBS opponents including the bowl loss. But I don’t think it reset the buyout clauses.

Johnnie Allison is based in Conway. Is he an ASU alum? I have no idea. I know the man from my business but not his history.

There is a reason ASU’s stadium is called Centennial Bank Stadium and the initials of that reason are J.A. Played football at ASU. Former chairman of their BOT. See for yourself:

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Allison is an alum - his bank gave $5mm for ASU to renovate their press box

Makes me proud that I still have my UCA letter jacket. Lettered there two years. I love that place! Lots of friends in Conway and they are happy this week.

wow Marty

Is this guy for real?

Johnny Allison is a founder of Centennieal Bank which has contributed a big chunk of change to ASU and they call their place Centennial Stadium.

I was glad to see UCA win for a lot of reasons. You just gave me another one. :smiley:

Their is good documentary film come out this year about Johnny Outlaw (from my home town-Ozark) who played at SCA/UCA in the 70’s as DB and was All AIC, all 160lbs of him to. He was a hitter though. He signed me to play there in 1977 as GA at the time and Coach Stevens was still there.
I seemed to party my way right on out though,
UCA used to have about a 5 to 1 ratio girls to boys back in the day.

Anyway Johnny went on to be a great HS Coach in AR and TX, most notably TX, right in the middle of the Friday Night Lights Region.
Coach Outlaw died unexpectedly one morning of a heart attack a couple of years ago in his kitchen and it really shook up the whole region there. He was a lot like CBB, he really mentored kids and was one of the most respected Coaches and People in the area.

Life, Death, and Football is the name of the movie.