Astros at Yankees

It was apparent from the second inning how horrible the home plate umpire was. If the K zone camera is any indication at all!
Astros had a runner on and Beltran came to the plate and he had a 2-2 count and Kzone confirmed the strikes weren’t close to the strike zone. He grounded out
Bottom 2 Dallas threw 2 pitches K zone confirmed were strikes and called balls.
Led to a double and the rest is history. The big market Yankees are getting help I guess Major League Baseball wants a Dodgers Yankees World Series!
Turned it off and I’m done!

I didn’t see it so I ask, was the Ump one sided or was he
equally bad with both teams? Just curious, got no dog
in this hunt.

I do remember a few yrs back when Arkansas faced South
Carolina at the college world series and we got an ump that
gave a totally worn out SC team a strike zone almost as big as
a house and gave the Arkansas pitchers one about the size
of a teacup. I was so pissed. We had 2 games to win one
if I remember right and we got handed a big bag of crap-ola
from the zebras!

One sided in favor of the Yankees.

funny i watched the same game and thought the same thing about the balls and strikes against the Yankees.strikes were called that appeared to be outside the magic box that was posted…or low below it…so i think the ump was bad for both teams…but hey…to each their own…Yankees fan since the 1960s before free agency

The Fact is the Astros (hitters) have laid an Egg in this series. Verlander today, interesting to see if he is back on his game after throwing 124 pitches in the G2 win.

Verlander awesome last night in Astros win. This has been a great series to watch, enhanced by the broadcast team of Buck and Hall of Famer John Smoltz.

Filthy Verlander! … t-swinging

The only thing I miss from my time in Houston is going to games at Minute Maid Park, so my allegiance tonight is obvious. I might be watching more baseball than football depending on how both contests go. Having said that, obviously New York has a pitching advantage with Sabathia against some guy I’d never heard of two months ago. It’s up to Altuve and Correa and the other bats to make up for that. But I know the Juice Box is gonna get real loud…

I’m pleased to say that against the odds, Houston had the pitching advantage tonight.

Congratulations to the Astros. Now onto Keuchel vs. Forsythe! :smiley:

Marty I’m proud the Astros beat the Yankees. It will be a good World Series. I don’t like the Dodgers

It was such a bitter pill to swallow having to cheer the Alex Bregman
play that, in my humble opine, saved that game. I hated him when
he was a LSU Tiger… he was such a thorn in the side for the Hogs
when we played them! But I can move past that and admit that
without that play, I’m not sure the Yanks would not have grabbed
momentum and then Dallas K. would not be making a World Series



That was an incredible play. :o