Astros and Braves

Astros now 1 1/2 games behind the Yanks who are now roughly 6 games behind the pace to tie the MLB record for wins.

Braves 1/2 game in back of the Mets.

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Go Braves!

We Coming!! play them 9 times 1st 2 weeks of August,that will do a lot to determine who wins the division.I watched the series close in Atl and these are 2 totally different teams in philosophy and talent.Atl is clearly the more powerful team but also K a lot whereas NY fouls off a lot of pitches and sees a lot of pitches and is the 2nd hardest team to K.Braves just weren’t hitting much that series other than the Hr and lost the series but that is going to be the key,can we find ways to score other than HR bc NY has great pitching like we do.I will be at the Atl/Hou game on Sun Aug 21

“ugh…” That’s the sound that I have made every morning for the past month or so every time I look at the standings and see the Braves climb another game on my Mets. :joy:

The Braves have a heck of a roster. They play really well together. It’s always fun to watch a team like that.

The only saving Grace right now is if we have Scherzer and deGrom healthy for a playoff run, that’s a heck of a 1-2 that some team is going to have to deal with…

That is…if they are healthy.

Yeah DeGrom and Scherzer are going to be tough to handle for sure and the Mets play small ball and that’s always hard to handle. I was very impressed with y’all,y’all are tough to get out man, just kept fouling off pitches and have a good knowledge of the strike zone, don’t swing at bad pitches,all our starting pitchers had 100 pitches by the 5th inning.Scherzer had our number that night, we had done very well against him his last five or six times against us but he was sharp!!! The 9 games in August will do a lot to decide the division I think probably… because we will only have 3 left with y’all after that. I’m curious if the Braves make any moves at the trade deadline I would like to see us get one more good starter, maybe another dominant right-hander out of the bullpen. Looks like it’s going to be a fun race …May the best team win

The Mets need a couple of bats. Pete Alonso is carrying that team again this year. The Braves are just better and should win the division.

Meanwhile my Cardinals have had a very bad start to the second half of the season. Losing a series yo the awful Reds, losing Steven Matz again, and having to go to Toronto without their two best players.

Right now the Yankees have the best record in MLB, with the Dodgers a half game back and the Astros 1.5 games back. You would think the WS champs would be one of those three teams, but as we learned last year, weird things happen in October and November. (Atlanta has the 5th best record, 8 games behind the Yanks).

I will be in Atlanta see a rematch between the Braves and the Astros August 21st.

BTW, I’m seeing the Braves listed as one of the teams interested in Benny Baseball, along with the Yankees and Padres (Muss would love that one). With Adam Duvall getting hurt the other day, they need a left fielder.

I’ve been seeing that too Jeff. I’m not sure how Benny has been hitting left-handers so we may try to get another RH bat unless his numbers against lefties are good. Going to be interesting to see how things shake out here in the next week

According to Baseball Reference, he’s hitting .343 vs righties and .272 vs. lefties.

Duvall was hitting .233 against lefties when he got hurt. Even worse against righties.

272 versus left is more than adequate he’s definitely got my seal of approval for sure but I doubt I’m on his speed dial LOL

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