Assuming we beat Butler....

Why does just about every talking prognosticator say we lose to Purdue. Why is that such a widespread assumption? I know nothing about Purdue.

Purdue is a 2 seed, we’re a 7. As soon as they announced our bracket, Seth Davis said on TBS that he thought we’d beat Purdue and make the Sweet 16. So not everybody is picking the Sailors. Purdue has a very good 7-2 man, Isaac Haas, although Haas only averages 12 points and 5 rebounds.

I’d love our chances against the Boilers if we were playing them close to home with a lot of our fans there. In Detroit, they’ll have a a huge crowd advantage. About 5 hours to Motown from West Lafayette. Would be like if we were playing in Dallas, or Wichita.

hoped for.

Amazingly, no UNC in round 2!!!

We have senior guards, Gafford, and no real studs between us and the sweet 16. Looks like a nice season for us is about to get better! First sweet 16 in 20 years?!?


I understand that beside their monster center, they shoot the 3 really well. But I have also heard they are a slow team that doesn’t play at a fast pace. A good 3 pt shooting team had proved to be a struggle for us at times. But I also wonder how good their big man can run the floor.

Purdue is the second most efficient offense in the country, behind Villanova, according to Pomeroy. Their defense is top-30. But they’re a little slower tempo than we are, 67 adjusted ppg to our 69 ppg (our ppg has gotten slower as we’ve gone through SEC play). We had only 60 possessions against Tennessee yesterday, 64 against Florida, 69 against the Poultry. I think we will try to speed them up.

Butler’s average tempo is very slightly faster than Purdue’s, not as fast as ours.