Assuming USA loses to England

Earlier today Iran surprised Wales 2-0. USA plays England at 1 pm and most expect England to win.

If that happens, it will be winner of USA and Iran game that will go to the knockout stage along with England.

If USA manages to draw England, it could still get thru with a draw against Iran, but it will come down to goal differential.

Man, I hate to lose Iranians. Hope we rise to the occasion.

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We won’t. There is a reason Futbol is the biggest sport in the world, but soccer isn’t the most popular in the US

Since Iran lost 6-2 to England, all we have to do is lose to England by 1 and a draw gets us through. Unless Wales somehow beats England. Then I have no idea.

Way to prove you don’t have a clue, Baked. We got to the World Cup Elite Eight in 2002 when soccer was a lot less popular than it is now. And should have reached the semis; German defender Torsten Frings scooped a US shot off the goal line with his left hand, which if the ref had a clue would be a penalty kick and Frings gets the rest of the night off with no substitute.

Who took that shot that was scooped off the line? Current USMNT coach Gregg Berhalter.

I continue to be amazed by the people who don’t understand soccer and not only don’t want to understand it, they actively hope it fails.

USA should beat Iran if it comes to that. That’s just the truth. As for today…England is far better player for player. Far better. I’m a Tottenham fan and love me some Harry Kane. USA has no one like him. USA doesn’t have anyone to equal Sterling, or Grealish, or Foden, or…etc. BUT…England have a long, storied tendency to tighten up in the World Cup. Part of that stems from fan expectation…part stems from the British tabs, which just annihilate players that they target if they lose (or draw in this case).

If England scores early, they could just cruise. If they don’t, the sphincter will tighten. You watch.

Yep. Or if Jordan Pickford pulls a Rob Green and lets in a howler. Which is what they get for not playing Aaron Ramsdale.

…and that could happen. There is a reason Pickford has never been picked up by one of the major, major teams. He is very talented. And can make crazy mistakes.

I am split on this game. I want to USA to do as well as they possibly can. But there’s no way USA is ready to win the whole thing (IMO). England, however, could. And I am hoping they do.

England will self destruct. Usually in a shootout. But they could also screw this up without PKs. Lose to us, tie Wales and they might go home.

That would make me very sad!

So far each team has had one decent chance. Kane’s shot from right in front was deflected out for a corner by Zimmerman, and Dest made a dangerous cross.

And then McKennie was wide open 9 yards out and hit it over the bar. Keep it down, Pickford has no chance.

No score at halftime. Matt Turner just made a save off Mason Mount from 15 yards out in the final seconds, but I’d say overall (and The Guardian minute-by-minute agrees) that the USA has had the best of the first half.

No score at the end of the game. USA has still never lost to England in the World Cup. The upset of all upsets in 1950, and two draws.

The 1950 game was such a shock many people assumed the reported 1-0 final was a typo and that England had won 10-1.

Thought it was evenly played. That was a deserved result. Love watching Pulisic. He may have been best player on field. His ability to complete passes and win balls was amazing.

My daughter was extremely frustrated because we did not put a body on their center back on corners. He headed them all out without pressure.

That is a great trivia question.

I was wrong about what USA needs to do against Iran. They must beat Iran to get through. A draw would give USA 3 points and Iran would have 4. England already has 4. If they beat Iran, it doesn’t matter what happens in England-Wales game. It is win or go home on Tuesday. Pressure.

I hope Berhalter starts Gio Reyna. Not sure why Gio did not play against Wales and just few minutes today.

I think I’d start Reyna and Aaronson both.

England advances unless they lose to Wales by 4+. We have to win, period. Iran advances with a draw. Wales has to blow out England to advance.

But we can also win the group if England loses or draws. If they tie, we’d have to beat Iran by 5. If they lose by 1-3, any win wins the group. Both matches will happen at the same time.

Wouldn’t Iran finish ahead of us if we tie them? They would have 4 points and we would have 3, even after tieing the England Dans. And why would PJ ever assume that we would lose to those wankers from across the pond in a World Cup match?

The English sportswriters who hand out player grades gave Pulisic a 7. Musah, Adams, McKennie and Dest all got 8s, and they thought of those, Dest was probably the best. That center back your daughter was upset about got a 7, which was the best English grade except for a substitute.

Exactly, which is why we have to win to advance.

The Iran match is at 1 p.m. Tuesday.

We could also finish last in our group if we lose or tie and Wales wins.

Both matches (ours and England’s) are at 1 pm. They do that for the last game of the group stage.

BTW, I am proud of this young team, youngest in this World Cup. Berhalter’s youth movement has worked so far. Need to finish.