Assuming Ty sits this one out, I'm guessing.........................

…Cole gets the first quarter to see if he can stay turnover free and move the ball. More than one three and out drive and Noland gets the chance to prove he is ready for primetime play. Hopefully, Cole leads the team to several scores in the first half and Noland plays with a big lead in the second. Wouldn’t that be nice???

That sounds like a reasonable strategy

Don’t think we have a big lead against Tulsa. Actually think it will be close into the 4th quarter

I could see either guy starting, but I am kind of hoping that CM lets Noland have most of the work. I actually would like to see Jones come in if Noland falters or if we get a big lead.

I’m okay with Cole starting, but we do need to get those two freshmen a lot of snaps in the three games each can play the rest of the year. The staff needs to know soon whether they need to bring in another QB besides Jefferson(and that could be true even if you know who transfers in from Clemson).

If Storey can’t go, the key becomes whether or not Boyd can play. He is what has made this offense tick lately.

I think Tulsa has a legitimate chance at winning. Tulsa just took South Florida to the wire, and I would venture to say South Florida is probably a better team than Arkansas right now. I think the line is 3.5 points in favor of Arkansas and the home team typically gets three points.

If we are really going to be run-heavy again this week, it seems like the concerns about Maleek Williams’ pass blocking lessen a good deal. The guy has shown he’s a tough, bruising runner with a bit of speed. Hope he gets some carries this week.

I am just dumfounded that a player as big and physical as Maleek struggles in pass protection.

I think Noland gets his shot early against Tulsa one way or another. Like Matt said it’s obvious Boyd is what makes this offense click so far. Hopefully we can manage without him and everyone else step up in the event Boyd only sees limited action.

I think it is his footwork, not his physicality, that holds him back. There was a play late in the North Texas game in which UNT brought a blitz and two players came free at the quarterback - Jones, I think. Instead of picking out one defender to block, Williams’ feet got crossed and he didn’t touch either one. It was an easy sack. The quarterback got down, otherwise it could have been a dangerous play with two players running untouched and full speed at him.

I understand that was just one play, but it was one of the only chances he has had this year in a game. I would assume coaches are seeing something similar in practice.

I think Noland starts and Kelley will be used in short yardage situations. Don’t think we’ll see Storey Saturday.

Bring on the youth movement.

Is Daulton Hyatt gone?

Williams has had only four pass-blocking opportunities this season and has allowed one sack. Catching the ball out of the backfield is an issue, too, I believe. He really needs to improve there, especially with the way the running back is being featured in the passing game of late.

I think another scenario is that if Cole Kelley is not effective, Connor Noland will be ready and try to spark the team. Most importantly, the running backs must be healthy Rakeem Boyd will get as much as he can handle, but I think others will have to help.

Connor needs to start and see what he can do,they can have him complete some short passes and get his confidence and then ease into more difficult routes, he was a 4* for a reason no sense in not seeing what he can do.

I would find it strange if he went from only playing in one game to starting.

Not saying it won’t happen as anything is possible.

I do think he needs to play and I think he will be a good one, but not sure what he has done that would dictate him starting against a Tulsa defense that is pretty good.

If he does start, there is no reason to limit him…because he would have been deemed worthy of starting.

Not gone, but at best fourth string right now and maybe fifth.

5th string after KJ shows up ?

I think Connor will do great Starting he has everything you look for in a QB,you never know how he will do unless you put him out there,Tulsa is very agresssive defesne and would come after him which is fine ,we have a good TE to throw too and good back to come out of the backfield as we saw against OM he can mkae those throws and the throw he made from hash to hash when he did get to play was on a rope and right on the money(that would be enough for me to see he could start b/c thats a throw storey can’t make IMO)but that’s JMO I’m not on the payroll.

No - now.


It opened at 3.5, bettors immediately moved it to 6 where it is now.