Assuming there is a MLB draft

where will Casey and Heston now get drafted? cannot see them coming back as they cannot get time back even as young as they are… folks like Goodheart and Casey may be candidates to come back, but could drafted with too much money to turn down,

Any injury recovering Hogs will benefit from the year off?

I think Heston would go pretty high. I’m not so sure about Casey. Every throw to first is an adventure. Not in a good way. Add in the horrible at bats, and there’s more negatives. Maybe he will be drafted on potential. I sure hope so.

I’m sure it’s based on potential. In the latest MLB mock draft that was updated on March 8th had Casey projected as the 13th pick in the first round to the San Francisco Giants. Martin will be a 1st round pick.

Heston was projected as the 18th pick in the 1st round to the Diamondbacks.

No matter who gets drafted from this years team, I’m confident the next team DVH puts on the field will be a good one. Whenever that is.
We are not the only team in this situation now.

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I’m sure Case, Heston, and Opitz are all gone

Keith Law did not have Casey Martin in top 30… Austin Martin was #2 and was playing himself into #1, but no Casey at bat in the Law eval. Heston was #13 with a bullet.

There might not be a draft after all, so this discussion may be moot.