Assuming Khalil return's next month

I can easily forsee him taking a major bite into CJ’s minute’s because the improvement in his one on one ball handling has been minimal (my opinion).

I’m not suggesting he’s not a effective 2G as a scorer but it’s more too it than looking for your shot and when it’s defended well, passing the ball around the perimeter.

We are in desperate need of a 4th Guard who would also look to set his teammates up (assist) and a 6’6 distributor may also assist in Keeping Barford & Macon 25-28 minute’s instead if pushing the upper 30’s which may have them burned out by the time we reach the SEC Tournament.

I get your point. It would be nice to have a more prove. 4th, but why are we in desperate need? I would like to have a better 4th, but we have one of the best and most experienced backcourts in the country. They just beat one of the best and most-hyped guards in the country on a neutral court.

I keep hearing about the top 3 playing too many minutes, but once we get out of this tournament, there aren’t any back-to-backs until the SECT.

These guys are 21 yo and in great shape and there are tons of timeouts and whistles. They’ve gonna play about 35 games, not 75.

I think we are in really good shape in the backcourt unless we have injuries.

And, as has been posted here, a lot, the chances of Khalil playing any time soon (and frankly probably this year at all) aren’t great.

I’m much more worried about frontcourt depth and am cautiously optimistic Thomas can be steady and with the emergence of Gafford and the unique skill set of Trey we may be OK, there.

CJ had a careless TO today, but it was his first and only of the season. If Garland returns, my guess is that he will take minutes from Beard, Macon, and Barford because ideally they need more rest. We’re going to need treys off the bench if we are going to get where we want to go. Garland would probably take over PG duties on the second unit, and CJ will be the SG. I expect CJ’s minutes to increase as the season progresses, and he settles in. I bet we beat at least one good opponent this season because he goes off.

I agree totally. CJ didn’t play well today, but up to this point he had actually played pretty solid basketball. I would imagine he will be like a lot of young role players for a lot of teams around the country and play better in home games than in road games. Especially early in the season.