Assuming he signs the ones so far committed................

…and picks up some of the 1-3 four stars that many believe we have a strong chance of getting (Henry, Carter, Fox, etc.) this will be a monumental recruiting class. It will take a good, not necessarily great, season to hold onto all of them. If we are competitive in most of our games, don’t get blown out too bad in the games where we are playing heavy weight programs (Bama, Auburn) maybe pull an upset (A&M, MissState, LSU), and avoid the upsets against our non-conference schedule (CoState, NoTexas) this recruiting class should hold together and finish strong. If we have that kind of positive season, I would not be surprised if one of our two 4* Arkansas HS O-line recruits (now committed out of state) flips to us.

We always made excuses for poor recruiting without a season or two to “show progress”, “establish relationships with recruits and their coaches”, etc. Despite all of that this year, with this staff, we might have a top fifteen class at Arkansas and even better in the following years. That will be phenomenal! Go Hogs.

I don’t think we can get to top 15 even with those two guys flipping to us. I think the highest maybe 18th based off an average of the last five years of total points on 247. Still, 18th would be an upgrade over what we are used to and a definite home run by Morris and staff.