Assuming an eight game SEC schedule

How will the seven opponents fo year one vs the seven opponents for year two be allocated?

Geography: We get OM, Bama and TAM in year one and MsSt, Auburn and Texas in year two, etc.

Strength: We get Alabama one year and Georgia the next etc.


Our luck we will get Bama, Georgia, OU and LSU away the same year.

But, that would be a helluva home slate the next year!

Not much different than we have now. Bama, LSU, Ole Miss and Florida are our four roadies for 2023. If they didn’t change the schedule, we’d have the first three at RRS in 2024. Also if they didn’t change the schedule, we’d have Kentucky at home in 2024.

I heard where the UA was one of 5 schools that opposed going to a 9 game SEC schedule. Man, that speaks volumes — we can never amass enough depth to play 9. Kind of sad. Reality I guess.

Sam has said he wants to play 9. But HY wants the extra home game every other year, and the better chance to make a bowl.

We are in SEC. act like it ! Do what it takes to win


Agreed - very disappointed our leadership wants to play LA Tech, ASU, Kent State, etc instead of another SEC team.

As a season ticket holder I’ve been looking forward to getting more entertainment value for my $.

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I would rather have 9 SEC games. If HY then wants to schedule three cupcakes, so be it. If you can’t go 3-6 in the SEC you don’t deserve a bowl anyway.