So with recruiting dead period beginning, when do we expect to know our complete staff. Especially offensive coordinator? If it is a coach with a team in a bowl game it might be sometime mid January before he is hired and announced? Has the university done a formal announcement on the Odom hire? Or of Stepp being retained? Would seem to me the sooner the better for a recruiting push for the February signing date if staff were known. I know SP has been busy

I believe Pittman said on a radio interview this morning that he had a couple more to interview for the OC job, and would have one by the weekend.

I think it will probably be after the bowl games before the full staff is in place. The only hire formally announced is Brad Davis.

I would have thought that getting an OC hired before the early signing period would have been advantageous especially for the recruitment of a QB and basically all positions that are not down linemen and once this guy is named it will be interesting to know why the delay. I am not big on conspiracy theories but it is hard for me to believe that Pittman is big into the formal interviewing process. It seems to me that it will be someone like Odom who he knows and is familiar with. Maybe someone involved in bowl games as Matt is pointing out but it might also be someone involved in the NFL. If it was HY doing the hiring then a long vetting and interviewing process would be believable but no way Pittman is involved in that type of process.

I think the delay is because his choice, whoever it is, still has a job and is coaching in a bowl (or finishing up an NFL season). You wouldn’t normally yank an assistant out of his team’s bowl preparation. He didn’t necessarily need an OC in the 10 days before the signing period, although the offensive recruits may know more about who it will be than we do at this point. Davis and Odom were unemployed and available immediately.

I would be surprised if Coach Pittman had not discussed the type of guy he would like to have as OC with Jacolby.

But in talking with his coach and others around Jacolby, this is not as big a factor as some might think.

It’s about all his relationships with North Carolina, Phil Longo, his friendships with the other NC recruits vs. a dream he once had of being a Razorback.

I could end up being surprised, but all the current intel indicates he’ll be signing with the Tar Heels this week.

There’s always the transfer portal next season for him. He should go check UNC and enjoy his Freshman year there. Sometimes you have to get away to appreciate what’s right in front of you.

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