Assistant will not be retained

Steve Caldwell is letting people know he’s not being retained.

To not retain Coach Caldwell is likely Coach Odom’s decision.

Could be that Brad Davis has already replaced him and they’re not going to go with a separate DE coach.

Brad Davis is the offensive line coach.

Of course you’re correct. I’m a little distracted; I’m in the same situation Steve Caldwell is right now.

Could be another reason Clay has jumped in the transfer portal. This stinks as I really like him as a coach and recruiter but guess Odom has another guy or we are getting the DL coach from Georgia!

I think this is a mistake. Every time he is here we recruit very well at DE. DE was not a problem last season. Having him out recruiting when you have no intention of keeping him is a bit misleading. They better have heck of a replacement.

Surely CBO looked at Coach Caldwells’ successful recruiting record before making that decision. Hopefully, he has a great one coming forth. OUCH! I didn’t even like saying that but at the same time, coaching is not my MO. wps

Sorry. CBO or Brad Davis or whoever made that initial decision IF in fact they did.

DE was a big problem last year, on the field. Besides being undersized, we continually took bad angles and gave up the edge on running plays. On passing plays, we only had the speed rush, which tended to put us out too wide, allowing a mobile QB, step up through the gap and make the pass, or take off on a run. We have talent there, just very young. Steve did a good job recruiting, but our play on the field was underwhelming.

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I agree ricepig1 It’s one thing to recruit but another to coach em up.

Caldwell is one of the best period. Better hope brick Haley is coming otherwise we could lose several guys who are here bc of Caldwell. Hate to lose him.

If Caldwell is being let go that pretty much confirms that Tray Scott will be here after the bowl

This. Given the way the defense performed last year not one position coach should have been retained

We need to remember the asst coaches are still under contract and are being paid. If the new coach asks them to help, they need to, and I’m sure will help. When we saw Smith and Caldwell helping with recruiting several posters on here decided they were staying.

It’s normal for a new head coach to retain only 0 to 2 assistants. Morris only retained 1 I think. It looks like Stepp will be the only coach retained and there’s several logical resons for him to be retained.

Scott seems to be a good possibility. He may be a budding star,
apparently as a recruiter and teacher/coach.

So why would SCOTT leave Georgia for a lateral move? I don’t see it.

Brian Early a possibility ?

Haley has been retained at MO.

He isn’t , according to another board he’s decided to stay at Georgia. I guess we will see who comes in as the DL coach.