Assistant Corey Williams

is at the Born to Hoop camp at Mills today. His son Corey Williams Jr. is participating.

Chris Moore, Derrian Ford, Ryan Maxwell are just some of the other kids here.

Now that it’s out, Creed Williamson, the son of Corliss, will play this season at LR Christian.

They visited the school earlier this year. They’re also are very tight with coach Clarence Finley. I’m told the Williamson family is related to Finley.

KK Robinson, Madison Peaster, Janari Livingston , Zane Butler & Cam Hunter are some of the others here.

Add Detrick Reeves to the list. Auburn recently offered.

Do you have more info on Williamson? What grade? How tall? Is he a prospect? Where has he been going to school?

I looked him up, he’s a 2022 guy, currently a 6’6 220 PF, played in Arizona last year

He’s about that size. Might even be pushing 6-7.

Think he will get bigger than dad?

Do you mean “bigger” or taller? There is a difference.

Not many basketball players will be bigger than Corliss. Several will be taller. Despite his listed height, he was really somewhere between 6’ 5" and 6’ 6" tall.

Also - would be a tremendous amount of pressure for the offspring of someone as celebrated and productive as CW was at Arkansas to follow his footsteps here. Arkansas fans are literally starved for a return to big-time success, and I’m thinking most of them would pin their hopes on “little Corliss” in a way that would be unfair to the kid. I’m sure many will be disappointed if he ends up elsewhere (assuming he’s a legit D1 prospect), but it might be the better path for him.

Will be interesting to see how this develops.

Not sure. Right now he’s as tall. The next two years will be interesting. He has a lot of work to do on his game, but he has the tools.

Zane Butler had a really good day. He went toe-to-toe with some of the other best guards in the state (KK, Ford) and didn’t blink. His teams went undefeated and he showed he is a two-way player that will get after you defensively and scores at all 3 levels.

It was fun.

I’m a fan of Zane.