Assistant coaches

I just read that Lunney and Traylor were asked not the put theirs houses on the market.

Who asked them?

Not sure if New head coach or HY.

Shouldn’t the HC get to choose his own staff…

Makes sense for some continuity for immediate recruiting period.

A try out of sorts for the new coach.

If recruiting is considered salvaged, maybe they are retained longer as permanent staff.

Assuming this is true (I haven’t heard it from anyone who would know), it makes sense to keep a couple of coaches on staff because of the recruiting element that bushhog described. Remember when Morris came in, Barry Lunney and Bobby Allen hit the recruiting trail right away. It is valuable to have a couple of coaches who know the terrain while the new head coach gets settled.

I suspect that whoever the new coach is will only have a handful of his assistants in place by the time the early signing period hits, so any extra hands can help leading up to that time. I think we all suspect Lunney has a good chance of being retained in some capacity, and Traylor seems to be the best recruiter on staff.

Both are quality coaches, too. Backs did not fumble. Special teams were solid. Tight end play was good with O’Grady. Harrell and Gunter not as good. But they are not what I would consider prototypical tight ends.

That’s an understatement

Traylor being mentioned as interviewing for a HC position in Texas.

Perhaps HY talked to the new head coach and they agreed on these two assistants staying. That would make sense, but who would leak it that they were asked not to put their houses on the market? One would think they would want to keep their mouth shut given the sensitive nature, even from telling anyone outside of their immediate family. Of course, there is the old saying that everyone will tell at least two people when they have a secret to keep.

Hoping to get some of the decommits back in the fold?

Back to a Texas high school?

I think Gunter will be okay down the road, just needs reps and a QB that can get him the ball. I see him as the second or third TE going forward. Harrell was one of those guys that has a lot of athletic ability and looks great getting off the bus, but just isn’t a good major college football player.

My guess is that the new HC, whoever he is, won’t have time to fill out his staff until after the signing period, and BLJ and JT were asked to hang around at least until after the signing period ends. Which would also make them candidates to be retained when the new staff is in place, but we shall see.