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Some chatter going around that Keith Smart might be Muss’ next coach. What do you think @MattJones @DudleyDawson @ScottieBordelon

Heard the rumor, but have not validated it yet

Looks like they worked together with the Warriors in 2003-04. I think it’s safe to say Musselman has a history of hiring knowledgeable people he has worked with previously.

Keith Smart, as in Indiana Keith Smart?

Yes. He was most recently an assistant with the Knicks.

The Scotty Thurman of Indiana, although they’d won other titles before his shot beat the Cuse.


Mixed emotions. Lots of NBA coaching experience as both a head coach and an assistant coach. No experience in college coaching. No experience in college recruiting. If Muss wants him, I’m fine with it. I think we got a very good recruiter with Argenal, so Smart might be a good pick to round out the staff.

These kids now want NBA connections in college. He would offer that for sure. At 56 years old I’m sure he has plenty of connections of his own.

It beats getting Keith Richards, lol. I’m sure he can’t recruit a lick.

Looks like Muss did hire Smart

But imagine the entertainment value of having Keith Richards on the bench!

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image Muss asked me but I told him it wouldn’t be a smart move.


If NBA is what Muss basing and selling his program on, this move just reinforces it. I think this will help more than David Patrick in terms of recruiting. Good move by Muss.

Muss continues to impress. He can spot trends and utilize them before a lot of his fellow coaches recognize that is the way forward. The transfer portal and the star power of former NBA players are now an integral part of the game. Muss is smart enough to realize that the game keeps changing. He is up to date on all the new trends and can assimilate them into his game plans.

I expect that his new coaches will be an upgrade and I expect that that Muss learned some more about the college game. The roster is talented and could potentially add 2 more players that could impact the season. This is a great time to be a Razorback basketball fan.

No it sure you’re seeing what Muss is trying to sell.

Several diehard KY friends here who are more knowledgeable than I about basketball & coaches have suggested to me that Smart is a homerun hire for the Hogs & brilliant staff upgrade by Muss to attract & develop college players with NBA aspirations. Hopefully that proves to be true for Muss & the Hogs.


It’s a bit interesting that Smart only demands $200k vs. Patrick’s $600k.

Slight clarification: Patrick had a $400,000 annual salary. He was due a one-time $200,000 retention bonus if he stayed through the end of next season.

Of course, Muss is “selling” we have lots of NBA and pro basketball experience on our staff and can help you find your path there. Smart certainly fits that to a T. However, it certainly is not a “great thing” that he has never had any college recruiting experience. I did post though, that Argenal does have that recruiting experience. When recruiting top high school talent, you need the ability to build a long term relationship with him. Keith may be great at that, it’s just that we don’t know at this point.

Smart is a great fit other than the lack of recruiting experience. When working the portal, that lack of recruiting experience is less important for sure.

I like the hire and I like the entire staff. It is top notch from top to bottom.