Assistant coach features

Here are a couple of features on Michael Scherer and Jermial Ashley.


Would you say the one year contracts for these guys is a budget consideration, prove yourself consideration, or what? Also, has Rhoades officially been announced in another position?

Good question. I think there is an element of “prove yourself” to those contracts. Scherer has never been an assistant coach and Ashley hasn’t coached anywhere but Tulsa. If they don’t pan out in the first year, they can be let go with minimal financial penalty.

The contracts also align with most of the other assistant coaches in that they expire in February 2022. Only the offensive and defensive coordinators, and Cody Kennedy have contracts that extend beyond that. I kind of wonder if Kennedy required a two-year contract to entice him to take the job. He had just joined the Southern Miss staff and a two-year contract provides some protection against having to move for a third time in a year’s time.

Guiton has a two year contract, correct?

Yes, he does. I overlooked him.

He and Kennedy are under contract through the 2022 season.

Rhoades is going to administration, the position formerly held by the now retired Bobby Allen.

I don’t think Rhoades will have the same title Allen had, but it is essentially the same job — a liaison to high school coaches and NFL scouts. He has yet to be officially announced to that position because of some HR backlog.

I bet he also does some work in evaluating tape of prospects. He’s good at that. I think a restructuring of the recruiting operation is being discussed. I know Sam mentioned last week that he was talking to other coaches about how they have set up their recruiting operation. There are several schools now calling positions “recruiting analyst.” You might rather have young guys to work in recruiting than old guys to analyze tape of your players and opponents. (I guess if you are Alabama, you have the resources to have 10 or 15 doing both.)

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