Assess the pitching situation out of delay

Is Murphy finished for the day? How does this affect the UGA situation? Who do you think the delay hurts/favors?

He started warming up between 1:30 and 1:45. The longer it goes, the less likely he comes back out.

Georgia already has gone to the bullpen. They were going to staff the rest of this game anyway.

I think it favors the hogs we haven’t made a pitching change yet! The question is will Georgia have to use a different reliever than the one that was in the game ?
I’d sure like to see the hogs win this game.
The wet ball will be a factor.

Maybe we can invoke the ghost of Tommy Tubberville to inspire our team . . . “Nothing Smells like a wet Hog” he told his 1998 Ole Miss team before we beat them 34 to nothing.

wouldn’t surprise me if Murphy came out,he’s not a power pitcher and may can give us a couple

Scroggins takes over after the delay.

And we see how that worked out

I really don’t understand that pitching choice