Asking AA to do too much?

Sure would have been nice to have “something” of a running game last night.

36 yards rushing on 34 attempts for 1.1 yard/carry.

Lots of things wrong with this team - I think it boils down to OL and a lack of leaders across the board.

But, what do I know? Mostly I’ve been in a state of disbelief since the 56-3 meltdown at Auburn.

You don’t lose 56-3 and call that program progress. Three steps back this year

I didn’t call it progress - there have been many times this year that we simply could not run the ball - and that is surprising to me.

when you are big and slow like we are on the offensive line your lucky to get 34 yards rushing against a good defensive team

Yes, under the circumstances.
When you have a defensive lineman, a walk on and an under achiever in your OL bad things are going to happen. I have never seen an offensive lineman look as lost as Froholdt.
The pass blocking schemes for all are off. There were way too many people coming in unblocked. Allen is shell shocked and gets happy feet and makes bad decisions when pressure is on. I don’t blame him at all.
I keep saying the biggest problem this team has is CBB over estimating his ability to develop players leading to too many reaches in recruiting.
Some examples Nate Dalton, Cody Hollister, and Derrick Graham who according to CBB were all unbelievable beasts of athletes. Hollister was okay, Graham is gone and Dalton can not get on the field when we have perhaps the worst safeties this school has ever had.
I would love to know what Paul Rhodes thinks about all this, but we have no chance to hear from him and when we do no tough questions are ever asked.

Hursthog - good response - why aren’t we over-recruiting OL? Some guys are not going to work out.

AA certainly doesn’t get a pass on the final two 2nd halves of football he played. Sure, he didn’t have great protection and the running game wasn’t working. Those last 2 second halves, his play was absolutely abysmal.

In the MO game, in the 2nd half, he threw 2 interceptions in the red zone and had two 3 and outs.

In the VA Tech game, in the 2nd half, he was 5 of 15 passing for 50 yards and had 3 interceptions. Two of those interceptions came on back to back possessions and one was at our 7 yard line.

When your team is facing adversity, you have to look to your QB to make plays to snatch the momentum back from the opponent. Austin did that in the first 2 games of the season. He did make one great 2nd half play against VA Tech, but Morgan killed it with the fumble through the end zone.

The entire team played terrible in those last 2 second halves, and that includes Austin. No player and no coach is exempt from criticism for the atrocious play in those 2 dreadful halves of football. Every starting position on the team, including QB, should be open competition and have to be earned this coming spring and fall.

I read somewhere, maybe on this board, that VT discovered by watching how our OL were leaning, which way the play was going. It makes sense to me because of all the sacks. That doesn’t excuse the turnovers though, this game in the second half was abysmal.

I guess that I would have to raise the question of how does an offensive lineman lean when he’s fixing to pass block, regardless of whether or not he knows that the primary receiver will be on a particular side?

A slow, befuddled guard, who knows he has to pull and get ahead of RW running left, tipped off Va Tech at least 3 times in the game that I saw b/c the Hokie DT immediately shot that gap and dropped Williams for no gain or a loss. Formation, first move out of stance, even foot position are clues to a fast D Lineman. The Hokies apparently did a good job of recognizing our tendencies to attempt to cover for two very poor Off Guards and no Fullback in any of our sets. Not having Sprinkle may have hurt our run game more than pass game. Too much single back sets in late part of season led to decline of the run game. Looked like we thought we could use 5 and a backup TE to run on a small, fast front that jammed the box and just brought the house (a’ la Joe Lee Dunn) on every play in the second half. Epic Fail.