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With the focus on winning ASAP, will there ever be another Wayne Martin? Martin arrived at Arkansas in the mid-80’s at 6-5, 215 and left around 280.

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There was also another 6-5, 215, ol-dl arrived at Arkansas in the seventies. Dan Hampton.

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Jamaal Anderson

Anderson came to Arkansas as a wr.

Anderson came as a great athlete whose main sport was Hoops and dabbled in football.

Wayne Martin was highly regarded and coveted. Ole Miss recruited him hard and was turned in by Arkansas for illegal activity. So he was not under recruited because of weight. Most everyone thought he was a stud. Weights were lower then, too.

Martin was probably the most highly recruited football recruit in Arkansas the year he signed.
In Martin’s recruiting class was a lightly recruited qb from ST Louis, Mo. name of Atwater.

At the time of their signing, neither Steve Hampton, Jamaal Anderson or Steve Atwater brought any excitement to Arkansas over their signing.

My point about Martin is you don’t see schools recruiting guys like him very much or at all because they’re not willing to wait two or three years to add that much weight and strength before getting on the field.

At the time of Martin’s signing, 230 to 240 lbs would have been the normal weight of a high school dl, not the 300 lbs which is common now days.

Martin was probably like most high school athletes of that era in that he probably played multiple sports and didn’t spend a lot of time lifting weights.

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Keith Jackson, Mark Huston and a DT from Pine Bluff named Williams were in Wayne Martin’s class and singed with OU. Think Richard Brothers and Ricky Williams were also in that class. Great crop that year, 3 first team NCAA all americans.

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