Asked a few Texas HS coaches

Their thoughts of Mike Norvell and the three were very high on him. He seems to score well as a coach, person and how looks out for his players.

I think I posted elsewhere about Chad Morris but in case I didn’t he’s very well thought of by the coaches in Texas too. One coach said Morris could bring an insane pipeline of Texas talent to Arkansas.

Bro Davenport, don’t know much about Norvell but, hey, Chad is one of our great East Texans. He is what we have always needed to recruit this fertile ground. I know TeeMighty is crazy about him. More on TeeMighty later. TeeMighty is quite the character. Stay tuned.

Chad might be well thought of in Texas, but I am duly skeptical about his ability to bring “insane” talent to Fayetteville. If he can’t get it to SMU, how does he get it here?

SMU is SMU. SEC and Arkansas is much better sell. Just passing along what the guy said. He’s obviously very high on Morris and said what he did.

What you have to look at is the body of work he has done at SMU with the talent that he is getting, ( 4-5 stars are not coming to SMU) one step is that the requirements to get in SMU are a tad higher than the average SEC schools and they don’t have the facilities to impress the athletes, so what he is relying on is a lot of diamonds in the rough and the connections from the area HS coaches. If you bring him to the Hill , he is going to have facilities to showcase but he is so well thought of in the DFW , his first year on the job, he asked a power house head coach of a HS to join the staff and the guy jumped to it to be the RB coach.

SMU requires a 28 on the ACT so that is why you should be fair with Morris at SMU.

Not only that, but it’s very hard to just recruit there and the guy has did it… I think he would be able to put together a staff that is full of recruiters , with that saying, I also like Norvell and I think he would do a great job also…