Any ideas about what happened here? It’s kind of sudden, especially after the earlier announcement about hoping to keep the current staff intact. Hopefully Mr. Sam will have no trouble finding a good (better?) replacement, and that it will not have a negative impact on our current and potential signings.

Coach O

I have no knowledge other than he was a coach at Tulsa. So there is that.

I’m on the edge of my seat waiting to hear the rest of this (or what it means)! (Fortunately, no incontinence at this point in my life. :laughing: :joy: :rofl:)

Coach O!!

No chance it’s Coach O - guy is a train wreck.


I was waiting for someone to say this. He is that.

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whats Steve Caldwell doing these days?

Not sure where Caldwell is these days, but he’s been in coaching for about forty-five years.

Oh goodness please. That didn’t work out well last time around. At one time, Caldwell was one of the best in the business but that day has passed.

Well Mr. JR, my forum friend, while I certainly agree with your post, I would expect that the conclusion on which it is based might not be the intent of the two posters who initially surfaced the “Coach O”. Waiting to see!

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