Ashdown's Jaden Hill taking a different path (story)... … rent-path/

Dudley, I have no idea why you wrote this story!

Can’t speak for Dudley, but when a kid chooses to go elsewhere we always get so many questions of why.

It was a good read. Gives me an idea why it’s so hard to recruit to the Hill

Wonder if there’s any chance he never goes to Baton Rouge either; maybe goes straight into the minors.

Dudley, thank you for writing this. I always wonder why a kid doesn’t pick us.

I wonder why the disdain for Arkansas. It’s obvious he really doesn’t like Arkansas at all.

Glad DD wrote the story. I liked reading it even though I didn’t like what I read. However, I wouldn’t take too much from it. There have always been a few kids from the state who wanted to get away from it. I don’t like it, but it’s true. Plus, when it comes to a winning program LSU is one of only a very few that have a better history than we do. However, our baseball tradition & current position are good enough that one could just about as easily expect a championship or trip to Omaha from the UA as LSU. That makes me think it’s mostly this kid’s personal preference & the fact he has friends & family there.

Kid has a right to go where he wants, but I won’t consider him an Arkansan who is entitled to my loyalty or fanship. I consider him a Louisianian entitled to the same indifference I feel for any player of a rival team.

I feel much the same way about him as Neastarkie. It’s good to know his reasons for leaving the state. I thought he really took a shot at Arkansas and Ashdown, in particular, but that is his right and I respect that. Wish he was going anywhere but LSU, but we all know we’ve plucked some good ones from Louisiana and hopefully will continue to do so. If he’s already hitting 95 mph, he may very well never see a college campus as a student anywhere.

Wants to be like Scam???

Because I am a reporter that is not only curious about why recruits come here, but also why they don’t.

I knew some would not want tp hear the other side, but many would be curious like I am.

Articles like this are important to help us understand why some really good Arkansas athletes choose to go out of state to other universities. After reading this, it may make us think before we rush to blame the coach for losing a “must have” Arkansas athlete. Without a doubt, there have been and will be, other excellent athletes in Arkansas who have no desire to become a Razorback. In instances like this, no coach is going to convince this kid to become a Razorback.

Some might not like what Jaden had to say, but I can tell you he’s a very impressive young man and very respectful.

TV has changed a lot over the years but local TV for that area comes from Shreveport. I can assure you the area and the population look and feel much more like Louisiana than NWA. I believe we have some of the same issues getting Bohannon…his home much more like Mississippi than NWA.

I understood exactly where he was coming from. I was not good enough to be recruited…by anyone…so I could not wait to get out of Arkansas after high school. If I had been a D-1 recruit the Hogs would have been hard to beat for me, but anything less I did not want to go to a school as big as Arkansas even if it was small compared to what it is now in 1986.

For the record I ended up at a College with less than a 1000 students and it fit me perfectly.

There’s some truth to that south Arkansas is a lot like Louisiana. You can’t get Arkansas TV stations in south Arkansas. First thing I did when I moved back to the state, albeit south Arkansas, was to seek Little Rock TV stations so I could get Arkansas news/sports, but was told had to have Louisiana channels instead. Sports radio shows like Bo’s or Morning Rush are hard to get except through Internet. I couldn’t even get home delivery from ADG (for sports) even though they deliver to some stores in town.

The community in which I live was once vibrant, but not any more. Many counties in southern Arkansas are hurting financially. Not enough is being done by local authorities in those counties or by the state as a whole to try to attract businesses, though land is relatively cheap. Many of these places have been written off forever. Therefore, it has become No Man’s Land.

If that is what Mr. Hill saw, it is not surprising that he desires to leave to go to greener grasses that he sees through the Shreveport TV stations he probably gets. Life in Baton Rouge, playing for a storied baseball program (with perhaps a chance to play football, too), has to be attractive. He’s no different than a lot of non-athletic high school graduates in some of these southern Arkansas counties, who if they are not lifers are ready to bail for higher ground.

I don’t like the things he said but that is what is true in his eyes. Social media has created a 10 year influence upon the current HS and College kids. It is all about ME, I’m a winner, I want to play on a winning team, I want the glamor, etc. We need to recognize kids want flash. We also need to recognize that some kids grow up in Arkansas with bad experiences and want out. This is no different than Tex and LA kids that want to leave and come to Arkansas.

Important to note he made a baseball choice instead of a football one.

I wonder if he had been offered as a QB here if that would have changed anything, but obviously Arkansas evaluated Noland and Bohanon higher

This really is not as complicated as some are making it.

A former Panther played for LSU, and he keeps in touch with a lot of the Ashdown kids. Many of those kids attend and participate in his summer camps.

Jaden likes Arkansas; this is not about a dislike or disdain for Arkansas. Arkansas is home; it’s very familiar. Jaden has lots of family ties to UA.

But some kids want to strike out and do something different – take on what they perceive as a bigger challenge.

Having seen a lot of this up, close and personal, I do know first-hand what it’s like when a kid who says he wanted to attend UA his entire life has a change of heart at 18.

Hard to do some times, but you have to go back to 18 and remember how it feels – it can feel like it’s your one chance to strike out and chart your own path. You can always come back home, but the opportunity to go elsewhere may not come around again.

Plus LSU has the Panther colors of purple and gold!

Who is the former Panther that played for LSU?