Ashdown CB LaDarrius Bishop to Miss State (story)...

as expected.

Great kid, great player, very fast.

Wish he would have jumped in earlier before the spots filled up … ippi-stat/

Dudley, you mentioned on an earlier thread that we currently had 11 of 15 scholarships committed with 4 remaining positions other than DB as our targets.

Who are the four we hope to sign?

Gerry Bohanon
2 Top-notch OL
WR, OLB or DL guy from what I understand

IF the class grows as nearly always happens or IF GB goes elsewhere, is Bishop a done deal to State or would he reconsider if his offer reappears?

I read that article with great interest, twice, but for the life of me I could not tell which Mississippi State. Talk about sorry editing. In which city in Missisdippi is the school to which Mr Bishop pledged?

I always know which school in Arkansas a recruit pledges, due to fine unbiased editing, but do the editors hold themselves to the same standard for other schools? No.

If Bohanon declines the Razorback offer, then who would llikely get that spot?

Another linemen likely or a TE

And an OLB… Wren right?

This is a good example for Arkansas kids to review. We have had some kids in state that get a big head in today’s narcissistic world, and they want to be wined and dined. I get it but I also know that many of these kids don’t have good adult mentors explaining the pitfalls of going too far with it.

I hope that this is a lesson learned for future Arkansas kids.

That’s a good question. While it could possibly be the Mississippi State University satellite campus in Alligator Ms,(MSU-Gator) I suspect it is MSU-Stank Vomit. (MSUSV)

What have you heard or read that supports the above statement? Or is that just your opinion?

While I think there are a few of them that get the big head, I don’t think it is many of them.

I certainly don’t think that was the case with Bishop, who simply hedged his bets and ended up at M-State.


Yep…hedged his bets on an LSU offer and it never came. That is how he ended up at State.

He is great person, good family. And his speed is phenomenal - so fast. I have really enjoyed watching him play.

Hogs will regret letting him get away.

Go Panthers! And Hail State!

So they let him get away???

They offered him early and he decided to go elsewhere and now its the coaches fault.

So Dudley and Richard both lied when they said there were only so many spots available and he chose to wait??

Ridiculous statement

And yes to Hell with State

Goodness gracious! Take a deep breath and relax. I’m not mad at the U of A, been a Broyles-Matthews supporter for a very long time, serve on a fundraising committee, loyal alumnus, and long family history at the U of A going back to the early 20th century.

All that being said – yes, they are going to regret letting this kid get away. Am I condemning them or calling for their heads? Absolutely not. Coaches have to make decisions, but I respectfully disagree with this one.

And yes, it’s personal to me as a loyal Ashdown Panther booster who has had the privilege of getting to know some great kids like LaDaerius.

As for “Hail State” – I’m going to absolutely root for his success at Mississippi State. I hope they win a lot of games, go bowling, maybe even win some titles. This Ashdown kid deserves that, and Mississippi State does as well. But when the Maroon plays the Hogs, I won’t be pulling for MSU that game. I assumed you would know that, but I guess people assume the worst most of the time this day and age.

Also, my son is heading off to college next year. Mississippi State recruited him hard – academics, not for sports – and we visited and really liked the place. Ultimately he did not choose State, but I think it would have been a good choice and is a great college choice. It has a small-town feel, and is a lot like Fayetteville was back in the day before we decided to enroll 30 thousand kids and admit every high school graduate from Texas who does not go to Texas or A&M – lol, note that’s humor, so don’t blast me again please.

Go Panthers! Hail State! And Go Hogs!

As I have made clear earlier, I think LaDarrius is a great young man and a very good football player.

But it was his decision to not commit when he had the Arkansas offer on the table.

He got that offer on Jan. 17.

In the last six months and beforehand, he has visited Arkansas, Mississippi State, LSU, Alabama, Oklahoma State, Baylor and a few other schools.

On June 3, he was told of the limited spots and how they would love for him to go ahead and commit.

At that time, he told me as well as the Arkansas staff that he still wanted to take all his visits and go throughout the season.

Tanner McCalister - a four-star cornerback from Rockwall-Heath - was ready to commit and did so on June 5th.

Since four-star Byron Hanspard, Jr., had committed to Arkansas on March 15, that meant the two scholarships set aide for cornerbacks for the 2018 class had been filled.

If there were 25 scholarships instead of 15, I’m sure they would have sit aside 3.

But the narrative should not be that Arkansas didn’t wait on him. They did for six months in a scholarship-strapped class.

The true narrative is that he chose not to commit to Arkansas before higher-rated cornerbacks chose to do so.

Tanner McCallister