As you have seen

Sean Tuohy’s last day was today. Hear the same with Mark Smith and football ops Randy Ross.

The tough part of coaching. So many people impacted.

Do all the assistants’ contracts end 12/31 or do some go into Jan-Mar?

Any word on Turner Gill?

I know he wants to stay. I would think you would want a guy like him on your staff.


Ross said he was retiring, I believe.

A little earlier than he hoped.

R D. Caldwell not staying on staff?

With the exception of Lunney, all of the assistants were given termination letters last week that said their final day on the payroll will be Jan. 15. It appears Stepp is being retained, so he will get a new contract down the line.

Was the story about Lunney and the RB coach being asked to not put their houses in the market just a rumour? Or was there something to it??

I don’t know where that came from. Traylor was given a termination letter Dec. 5.