As usual, Nate Allen says it well

First, let me add that I’m all for paying Sam Pittman (and his staff) a lot of money & giving them plenty of other things to keep them happy. But there are risks with his agent

I’ve said that I would never leave the University of Arkansas and I’m not going to,” Pittman said. “Getting an agent doesn’t mean that I’m leaving. I’ve said this is my last job and it’s damn sure going to be that.”…

I believe the man… I’m not worried about him leaving us for another job,we will take care of him and the coaches.


I hope you’re right & hope he is sincere. But the last thing he needs or we need is to get any inkling that he’s interested in another job. I expect other places to want him. Heck, I hope a lot of places want him; but he needs to immediately quash such talk.

While I believe Coach Pittman I sure don’t trust Sexton.

Sam will do what he wants to do!! I’m not worried about him leaving.

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It’s amazing to me how Jimmy Sexton has ruined every bit of goodwill CSP has earned in 2 years.

I think Sexton was a great idea. Apparently most dont.


Based upon what I’ve heard on call in radio and social media, I think most people are suspicious or apprehensive of the move. I don’t think it’s ruined the good will he enjoyed, but I think it took something of a hit.

Pittman can be trusted and meant what he said. But agents can make you do things you don’t want. Sexton is there to maximize his commission, only way that happens is to maximize Sam’s salary.

Hunter thought he was going to negotiate with Sam. Bet Hunter is annoyed by this development,.


If CSP has Sexton, Pittman’s gone at the earliest opportunity.

Nonsense! Saban has Sexton and he’s still at Bama. Folks need to let this play out. Sam deserves fair market compensation period!


When I see how fast that group turned on Burks, I don’t give a crap what they think.


I have not posted on this topic and think (hope) this will be my only one.

First, yes, Sam is somewhat going down the HDN path of turning off the fan base. Not saying he has done it yet, but this move and the way it was handled was not done well IMO.

Second, for ME (not saying this is true for anyone else), the whole demanding of a huge salary increase when he was already going to get a bigger increase (not a bonus but an increase) that alone (the increase) would have been more than I will earn in the rest of my career, was kind of like the point in a movie where they just go to far and you can’t “suspend your disbelief” anymore. Its not like you really thought everything in the movie was possible, but you could pretend to yourself you believed it. But then they go to far and it is ruined. I bought into “I didn’t negotiate for this, this is my last job” yada yada yada. Did I know this was all a business? Yes. Did I know if we won he would deserve and get more money? Yes. Did I think he would hire the most despised agent around and demand to about double his salary? No.

I am still a fan of UA, still a fan of Sam. But to be honest, I lost a lot of enthusiasm for Sam this week. Will I get over it and get excited again? Maybe. But maybe not.

I have lost the ability to suspend my disbelief.


Greg, what you said basically represents what I hear from those I discuss Hog Sports with.

Those on The Show With No Name (the most popular talk show in LR ) stay tight with all Razorback Coaches but they say the whole situation smells.

I liked Nutt (still do). Sexton might have made him a lot of money, but he hurt him in a lot of other ways.

Hopefully, it will work out better for Pittman.

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I hear what everyone is saying. There not a dang one of you guys who are pissed at Coach who wouldn’t have done the same thing! We all want a big time coach but don’t want him to have a big time agent. Makes no sense. Read what Malvernhog posted. He was spot on!


The problem as I see it are too many people get emotionally attached to coaches - especially so when they push all the right rhetorical buttons -

“ This is my dream job.”

“ I used to listen to the Hogs on the radio with my uncle.”

“ I came to Lou Holtz’s football camp.”

“ I’m gonna retire in Hot Springs.”

Blah Blah Blah……. I’m not saying any of this is untrue and in fact I believe all of these things Sam has said, but at the end of the day it’s inconsequential in my eyes.

I like the job Sam Pittman is doing so far, but I don’t care about any of the above and none of it impacts my opinion of him.

I care about performance because Sam Pittman is the CEO of Razorback Football, Inc. It’s an entertainment business - pure and simple. If the results are good give him raises. If he doesn’t perform for a long enough period of time then it will be time for a change and that’s fine and dandy.

Keep the personal feelings/ emotions aside and it makes accepting the business decisions of the decision makers on raises, contracts, firings, etc. a lot easier to digest. You also won’t get disappointed if a coach hires an aggressive agent.


I would have waited until after the bowl game before hiring a new agent and especially negotiating a new salary. Makes It seem like he is not focused on the task at hand.

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Let’s just hope he’s not texting any news ladies minutes before the game. Focus matters!

Whether you give a crap or not, it’s important the fans support the coach. There will always be some malcontents, but the fans made life miserable for Hatfield and Nutt to the detriment of the program


We don’t know why this came out now. I suspect like some it was a calculated hit job. Nothing can be done in private anymore. Some say Wally leaked it. That makes sense to me. He loves to cause trouble for everything Razorback.

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A wise person once said “never care about one’s opinion if that person is not someone you would seek advice”. I pretty much agree.