As the year went on, it sometimes seemed the team had more energy when...................

…Gafford went to rest on the bench. The team seemed to play harder when they did not have him to try and concentrate on. We now get to see if they can do that for an entire game. Can Chaney play most of the game without getting in foul trouble? When he needs a rest, we will be a really small team. It will be a taste of things to come for next year and I hope there are some reasons to be a little encouraged by the time the night is over.

I noticed the same thing which is why I’m not totally pessimistic about next year without him. We obviously need some more size and Mike needs to bring that in next month.

Most games this year we had two offensive threats Joe and Gafford. Occasionally Jones would help. How can anyone downplay Gafford or think we’ll be better without him?

Jones averaged 13.6 to Joe’s 14.0. I’d say that was more than an occasional contribution. This team was woefully inconsistent, which is why we’re not playing Thursday or Friday, but there were times with Dan on the bench we looked really good. There were also plenty of times with Dan on the floor we looked like crap.

Not plenty! Gafford was the mvp of this season and you know it. He’s leaving early and that looks bad for Mike but he’s still a heck of a player. I doubt we would have won 10 games this year without him.

I can name plenty. Last 13 minutes at South Carolina. Second half Thursday. The first Florida game. Most of the Ole Miss game at Oxford. The Auburn game. The Moo U game. The first A&M game, which we won.

Was he our best player? By a mile. Did he bring it every night? No. And he said as much Thursday afternoon.

Without Gafford on the floor, yes, Arkansas’ defense did turn teams over more in SEC play - 25.8 percent - but it was outscored 451-377 because it gave up 52 percent on 2-point field goals and 43.4 percent from 3. In that same span, Arkansas’ offense averaged a very, very average 1.00 PPP and didn’t shoot the ball well inside the arc.

That said, I’m eager to see how Reggie responds to a larger workload, too, and Ethan Henderson. He’s largely still an unknown who could spark some optimism with a good showing.

Heaven knows we need something POSITIVE to happen in this game

I sure hope Gafford or his friends don’t read this board about how much better off we are without him playing next year… that would just reinforce what a bad fan base we have and hurt recruiting.

I have to disagree with Jones occasionally helping. Why he did disappear in some games, I think he had a very solid first year with the program.

He has played in all 32 games, starting 26 while averaging 29.5 minutes per game.

Jones shot 40.2 percent from the field, 36 percent from 3, which is second among regular players behind Joe’s 42.2 percent from 3.

He shot 79.3 percent from the free throw line (107-of-135), leading the team in FT percentage and second behind Daniel Gafford in terms of makes and misses.

Jones was also second on the team in rebounds with 125, second in assists with 92, third in steals with 31.