As the opposition gets bigger, it will be interesting to see if they have to play small ball --------------

------------- to stay with us. LSU pounded us on the boards with slightly bigger great athletes, not with overwhelming size. We start the game with five guard size players, Adrio is 6-4.5, and then later replace him with Jalen Harris to go even smaller and that is our most effective lineup.

To end up with the last possession and a shot to win after being totally dominated on the boards means WE dominated in turnovers, points off turn overs, foul shooting, three-point shooting & defending, fast break points, steals, etc. We are not getting any taller (struggling to get solid play from our taller players) but we are getting better as more and more of the CEM system gets installed and our players grow in maturity and toughness with each win. Go Hogs!

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