As the big buffalo said to the little buffalo

Bye son. Jackrabbits running away. Balance of power in the Dakotas shifting from Fargo to Brookings.

someone in my household is not happy over it


Yeah well it’s about time she experienced the agony of defeat! After what, 89 of the last 92 or so FCS NC’s?

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uh…she’s an avid Hog fan, so she has experienced such agony–like yesterday. But coupled with today’s game in Frisco, she’s in double agony, not to mention her normal despair because she’s my better half.


A proud program and a hearty people for sure. I’m sure they’ll be back in the thick of things soon.

Fred, she’s a good woman. Obviously :wink:

Been talking with my folks up there. I have great friends and customers in both places. Salt of the earth!! This has been a long time goal for SDSU. Feel good for them. Now, they have some real linemen.


Isaiah Davis, RB at SDSU, is from Joplin, MO. I saw him play in high school. Good kid and heckuva player.


Jim, we may have been waiting for this game to be over so we could pluck some linemen from the portal.

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I know that Jan is disappointed, but to be in the title game year after year after year after …

I was wondering about that. Kept looking at them and wondering which still had a yr or 2 left and would like to try the SEC.

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