As soon as they hit that first homerun...

I was deflated. I just dont see how we are going to get the offense going well enough to come back.

3 runs seems a ton. What happened to the team from the SEC tourney?

i’ll hush up now.

I swear I spend more time out on the ledge than I do comfortably watching my Hogs.

They make it interesting, that’s for sure.


There were plenty of others out there with the same thoughts. They just didn’t post.
Nice win.

I’ll admit I felt the same way. Showed some fight and did just enough to get a hard-fought win. Going to be a tall task to string together two straight wins over MO St. with a depleted pitching staff, but I’ll still be cheering no matter what. A comfortable, blowout win sure would be nice tonight. These close, down to the wire games are bad on my heart. :slight_smile:

It’s because, unlike football and basketball and other timed games, there never comes a point when your just can’t win, even though the game isn’t over. In baseball, if you have one out left, you have a chance, no matter the score.

I was disappointed when ORU rallied for 3 runs, but I knew there was a lot of game left and that they were out of pitching. I was never on the ledge, but was on pins and needles.

You can’t win games like that (or like the second game that went to 3 a.m.) if you’re on the ledge.

I stayed up and watched and waited and never think a game is over until the final out! Both teams will be tired tonight but the edge goes to our hogs. It will be fine! Hogs win! I would prefer a blowout win but I’d take a win by one run.