as quiet as it is about Joshua Moore is he still in play

true royalty recruiting him, his twin signed with Ags and yet he has Yoakum connections to Fayetteville. I read Tommy Bush, but no comment on Joshua?? long shot at best or is it a dumb and dumber kind of having a chance? Not much on Twitter suggesting Hogs in the mix:

seems like a great kid for all the right reasons. Any news on Joshua Moore interest in Hogs that is hidden?

He told me he would most likely visit Arkansas. His coach said he expects him to visit. I said elsewhere on the board a source told me Arkansas has a good shot at Moore and Bush. I don’t feel as good about Bush but we’ll see.

then Joshua Moore would be my choice between he and Bush. Hard to fathom that kind of talent is available still. If signed then all recruiting evaluation services would be shocked…

Would the twins truly separate? seem very close for the sake of their deceased older brother, tight family all that stuff. A visit would be a minor coup d’ etat.

Well, one was going to Nebraska at one point and the other to Texas A&M so it does appear they are interested in carving their own paths.

I got an idea-lets hire their coach on a package deal. Two four stars might be worth one coach. :smiley: