As pointed out several times....

Perry flipping to M$U just killed us. Without that we are probably 19-5 and playing for a Top 4-6 seed. Other than a couple plays by Gabe, we got NOTHING from the 4 (which is a reoccurring theme). Chaney looks so lost with the ball and won’t shoot unless it’s a dunk or a layup (wish Gabe would follow suit).

Honestly I think CMA is doing a fine job with the talent he has, it’s getting the talent that will be his downfall (and I don’t blame him on the Perry $ituation)

I’d say Darious Hall leaving after last season was also pretty impactful to the makeup of this year’s team. He would probably have been a good contributor to this team.

Yes he would have been a perfect small ball 4, or just playing the wing. Him leaving was a huge loss and made no sense from a basketball standpoint. Would have played starter minutes this year. Would love to know why he transferred.

People will call that an excuse but it’s the absolute truth. And on top of what it took away, the timing was brutal.

Same for Hall. That was a crazy, completely ridiculous move and it is hard to plan for the ridiculous.

Earlier in his tenure, MA got caught flat footed when Portis and Qualls left. That was partially on him even though Qualls had told them he was staying.

But, other unexpected, late departures/flips have certainly stalled program momentum.

Jimmy Whitt would have been a senior on this team had he stayed four years. He has turned into a pretty good player at SMU.

Babb leaving hurt a lot, too.

If Babb, Whitt and Hall were on this team we would be hard to deal with. The Perry situation is the same as the Monk decision.
Recruiting isn’t going to change. Money is why Perry flipped and the reason it’s a waste of time to worry about top prospects
They aren’t coming.
Clean out the dead weight on the bench and move forward.

Adam’s point is taken that Babb’s transfer probably hurt the direction of the program, but it should be noted that, barring a redshirt, he would have already exhausted his eligibility at Arkansas. He is a fifth-year senior now at Iowa State.

He would have made a huge impact last season as well as the others to this years hogs.

Ya. He would have been gone. He also would have been a much better option than Beard last year.

It’s really unfortunate. You think about if everything went our way, how this roster was suppose to look this year. Also, people don’t talk about how Garland not being eligible hurts, he’s a former ESPN top 100 player.


You could argue maybe Chaney doesn’t commit if we lose Perry, but maybe that doesn’t affect him and he still comes here. Either way, and it pains me to say this, Perry would have fit well in this system, runs the court well, hustles, can shoot the 3 ball and stretch the floor. He would have given us something we desperately need at the 4 spot.

Eh, I might be in the minority, but I didn’t think Whitt was that big of a loss, his shot looked terrible, wasn’t strong at finishing at the rim, mediocre on defense at best, and just didn’t play with a sense of urgency a lot of the times, CMA kept him starting for a while hoping he’d show something but he never did. Whitt just didn’t have “it” in him.

As far as SMU. Their NET is 110, he’s putting up decent numbers for them in a bad conference, he wouldn’t nearly have those stats in the SEC, and his shot is still broken. Shooting 18% from 3 as a SG. Him and CJ Jones writing was on the wall for them, those type of transfers I don’t mind, we upgraded when they left. Hall leaving, Garland not getting cleared, and Perry decommitting, those are the situations we can’t afford and those are the one’s that hurt.

Whitt not so much as,
Ted Kapita would be a Senior this year had he qualified and would have added some muscle inside along with Gafford the last couple of years. Then if Perry comes, Hall stays yada, yada, yada. All of that is what could have been.

I wouldn’t count Kapita in that, I think even if eligible he was here 1-2 years max, he wasn’t a guy that wanted to stay in college long. Only played for NC State 1 year, and only played 12 mins, and averaged 4 PPG.