As one of the ‘old timers’ on here

Billy, you are a young old timer. Unlike me and Clay…… :rofl: :rofl:


It just depends on the day Danny LOL today I feel like I’ve been hit by a truck, these rainy nasty days do that to me I guess…


As the tornado sirens blast…

In Van Buren, right now, Mike?

YES sir!!!

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Be careful buddy!

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The sun is out and Ft Smith is black, as hail is hitting

Billy it’s just terrible…

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My wife is at Ashton Place Nursing Home in Ft Smith. They can’t leave yet…

Well I got to admit I actually feel great for almost 63 but I’m a little more sluggish today than I normally am so I kind of exaggerated about feeling like a truck hit me LOL

My hip is hurting where it never hurts, and the inside of my replacement knee, replaced, and then replaced again…

You guys are making me feel all my aches n pains today. From my younger vibrant athletic days of yore.
Change the subject or I will block you-:joy::rofl::innocent::laughing::upside_down_face:

Yeah I’ve had too many friends talk about knee replacements. I’ve heard they are no fun hopefully I don’t have to find out first hand. Praying for you brother

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youdamam I can’t tell good stories or bad in this case but "MY ADvice is to never get your knee replaced. I will say out a very good sample of people one good friend has had both knees replaced. ONE has been great the other a nightmare.

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Billy, a big part of my job for the last six months (and next month) is treating people who are trying to avoid knee replacements. We do hyaluronic acid gel injections into the knee joint; it basically cushions and lubricates things and reduces pain. It’s not a permanent fix, but it can buy you six months or more and can be repeated every six months. You might see if somebody in Hattiesburg is doing those.


Thanks Jeff. Thankfully my knees are holding up fine right now but if it comes to where I have to look into knee replacement I will definitely check that out.

Swine, are those injections the same s stem cell injections? If not, how do they differ? I had stem cell implants and they helped for about a year or so. I am not facing a replacement. Thanks.

I do stem cell injections too, or did until Medicare stopped paying for them. Stem cells are intended to get the knee cartilage to regenerate somewhat. Hyaluronic acid (sometimes called “rooster gel” because they used to get it from chickens) doesn’t regenerate, but it lubricates and cushions. I compare it to an oil change for your car.

Thanks. I am bone on bone. Do you think the gel would help? Do you know anyone in for Fort Smith or NWA providing g these services?

How does it compare to cortisone injections? Thx.