As one of the ‘old timers’ on here

I can only say that I’m deeply saddened - been with Dudley and Clay for I guess 25 years now - will miss you guys tremendously. Will always hold you in the very best regards -
Tim Enderlin aka Bayouhog


I’ve been on this board since it was ran by Booth Rand. There have been several times that I’ve threatened to quit. This may just be the straw that breaks the back.


Booth never ran this board. The board Booth ran, and I was a moderator, is now part of But this one is nearly as old.

I remember times on the Booth Rand board when it would take several minutes for a post to load. Reading an active thread could take all day. That board, and a listserv thing from some guy at the University, were the first things for us out of state to check out for fast Hog news.

I guess I got confused in one of the crossovers. Thanks for the correction.

Can someone tell me what’s going on?

Clay announced his retirement effective next week and Dudley was terminated.

What ever happened to Booth Rand?

The listserv guy was Ken Whalen, originally. He is on this board as kjhawg.

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I’m still in touch with Booth on Facebook very occasionally. He sold the Pigpen to Rivals after a sale to some guys from Virginia through fell through. I was involved in the Virginia deal just about as much as Booth was, so I know all the sordid details. AFAIK he still works for the state.

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What in the…is this April fools?!

Holy cow

Yep I’m still around.


Many years of great writings and insights by both Clay and Duds. I will miss them both, a lot. Wish you guys all the best.

Thank you.

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I’ve been a member since about 1997. I remember when Otis was the recruiting guy, there were no “football”, “basketball”, etc forums. There was simply a forum. And Clay’s screen name was Arkansaspub. Just reminiscing.,


I’m an old timer per say in age, so maybe not on this board (15+ years here I think).
I remember my 50th post very clearly tho.
First response I ever got direct from Clay on the board at the time and I quote. “ Your 50th post and it was a good one”. I felt like a kid in a candy store.

Gonna miss those 2 (Clay & Dudley) around here.


I shared with Clay this fall my journey to retirement. My career fit me perfectly. I loved the travel, challenges and the ability to help others. The tough part was the time away from the love of my life. She never complained about me getting on an airplane on Monday and getting back home late on Thursday (with an occasional 2 week stay). She supported me because it was something I loved and she loved our company and the folks I worked with. But I knew that she deserved more. The decision to retire in the end was not a hard one. We’ve traveled to 40 states in our RV the last 5 years (since retirement) and have enjoyed seeing each other daily (most of the time :rofl:). As much as I will miss Clay’s insights on games I’m so proud for he and Jean Ann to be able to relax more and enjoy the fruits of their labors. I’m an old timer on here also and I’ll stick around. And I’ll smile when Clay pops in with comments/updates. Clay is one of a kind. And a chip off the old block.


I’ve been on the board since 2002 when it was Pigpen, Scouts,HI and now WholeHog.I consider Clay and Dudley friends and am very appreciative of their input on Hog sports bc before I got on the board I used to have to call Rick Shaefer up and talk Hog sports.I can reach out to both of them and know they have my back and vice versa.

They will both be just fine in whatever path the Lord leads them on,they are good people and work hard and when you combine the 2 then there is no way you can lose.


Youdaman, I just started noticing your posts. Have you always posted? I enjoy your takes but thought you might be new’ish.

Thanks yeah I post all the time. I’ve been around forever lol


Not new 2 bit…