As of now

are my favorite words in recruiting lol.

It appears Arkansas might be done with OVs for the weekend after Cane Berrong and Crockett but I’m told there’s a chance they could host some more. I’ll add another favorite word of mine, fluid.


Sounds favorable for several players. We have a lot of holes to fill. Hopefully, we can find some big NTs and another rush end.


I may sound mealy mouthed, but I use as of now, as far as I know, allegedly, if he/she doesn’t change his/her mind, if things stay the same, it’s supposed to…in other words, few things are set in stone. Be prepared. Stuff happens!

Especially the portal with such a small window for midterm enrollees. I seriously doubt we see this Jan. 4-8 type window again. A lot of guys are trying to make decisions based off a 24 or so hour visit instead of the usual 48 hour official visit.

You have schools fighting numerous others trying hard to get these guys on their campuses.

Coaches use to have a three or so weeks of a dead period in the past around this time. So in the past coaches would work from August to mid-December with maybe one day off during their open week. This year the coaches are going to work August to February before getting anytime off.

They’re running on fumes.

Another issue caused by the portal is a lot of support staff people aren’t able to go to the AFCA convention next week because they have to stay in the office to keep track of kids going into the portal. The convention is a big networking opportunity for guys trying to work their way up the ladder.


Moving the convention seems like an easy solution. I realize that having it connect with the season in some way is preferable but moving it to the week after February signing day, or at least a week after the spring semester begins would help.

I think Arkansas is done for the weekend. That’s the word right now.

Get some rest with Megan and the boys, RD.
It was great catching up with you with you last night.
Safe travels, buddy.

Is there a critical date for a transfer to be enrolled at Arkansas?

I believe classes start back up on the 17th. There’s a 4-5 day window after the 17th that kids can still enroll for the spring. Will have to find out the exact cutoff date.

It appears the 19th is the last day to register for a class.

Registration/Fee Adj Deadline: Eight Week One ClassesTHURSDAY, JANUARY 19, 2023

Last day to register for or add an eight week one class

Event type Other

Event Locator 2022-ACWZVZ

The many hours/extra work due to the portal that you have taken on @RichardDavenport is very much appreciated. It’s all on your back now (since DD was let go). Excellent work. Well done.


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