As of now

not expecting a hoops visitors this weekend but with Muss and company anything is possible.

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As the old tv western show used to say, “That"s a fact”.

With Muss it seems like it’s always a liquid situation this time of year. WPS

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There’s no telling who Muss is talking too right now! But you can take it to the bank he has a plan, a back up plan and then the oh heck plan if anything falls apart. He won’t be caught off guard.


He has already proven he’s the best recruiter in the programs history in my opinion. He now faces the task of coaching elite talent into becoming a elite team, many coaches have tried and failed. I have great expectations of this group but not in the first year, I believe even with our talent there’s a learning curve that will test the resolve of a program early and often. When a freshman is thrown into the fray against opponents that could be 5 years their senior they find out quickly that physical maturity is sure enough a real presence. Most everyone is expecting great things the first year of this class and we should see some greatness but consistency with this group will determine how far we can go. WPS

Yep could be a rough road at first but if they get it going like they have the last 3 years and get hot they could blaze through the tourney. On the other hand getting these certain guys to jive might prove to be too difficult…could be an off year. Never know. I’m guessing it’ll start clicking at aome point. Let’s just hope we’re not in A&M’s shoes come selection Sunday.

We have the potential to be a juggernaut for sure and if we can “gel” there is no limit for this roster especially if JWill & Toney return. I’m at a eye doctor in KC today whose a graduate of University of Kansas and he has two sons who both chose to go to the University of Arkansas. He told me he absolutely loves the Fayetteville area and the Razorbacks sports and it’s fans. WPS

Smart man.

I thought Toney was gone. Declared for NBA draft. Am I wrong?

You are right.

Did they get agent? WPS

Toney did.

:+1:, had not seen that, thanks. WPS

You bet.

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