As Isaiah Joe said this weekend

I’m back.

I couldn’t be happier about it and want to thank you all for the notes, well wishes, prayers and just overall general interest.

It’s good to be home and back among friends.

Now - and I am so happy to say this - I have a story to write and some questions to answer.



Good to see you back

Welcome back buddy.
Waiting for the story with much anticipation

Great to have you back. But, ease into this return. Don’t create any undue pressure for deadlines, or anything else. Just happy to be able to see your articles/info whenever you get around to posting it.

Great to see you back Dud!


It is great to see you back Dudley!

Welcome back Dudley!!

Glad you’re back Dudley!

Smile are plentiful in Hog land today.
Dudley is back.
We know you are nearly speechless
with glee that Isaiah Joe is returning to play for the

Welcome back home!

Good to have you back DD!

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