As important as the Game 3 win for the Hogs was

As important as the Game 3 win for the Hogs was… it was just as important for South Carolina to pull out an extra inning win against Mississippi State. That was a huge win for the hogs in their race to stay on top of the western division.

At this point I’m not sure how the canceled game for Vandy vs Bama will come into play and if they will try to recover it or not. At least as far as the overall for the SEC. I don’t put Tennessee in that talk yet as the Hogs and the Vols still play and that will determine that aspect of it.

Still the SEC looks to be a 4 horse race at this point tween Arkansas, MSU, Vandy, and Tenn. and the hogs have a hard slate of games left to stay on top.

They will not make that Vandy-Bama game up. VU and Bama will only play 29 conference games. That could play in our favor (if we finish 21-9 to their 20-9) or in their favor (them 20-9 to our 20-10), Same applies to Tennessee at the top of the East standings.

Jack Leiter didn’t pitch this week. Tim Corbin said it was because of “fatigue” I tend to think it’s because too many of his pitches end with the ump twirling his hand in a circle. Leiter’s given up nine dingers. None of our pitchers have given up more than 4.

Huge win by SC! Now we got to keep it up in Tenn.

Mississippi State can easily sweep their last six games.

yeah, we easily have the hardest final 2 series of anyone.

That’s just mongous man. At one point it sure looked like we were going to be looking up at the stankin Stank Vomit Bulldawgs in the standings. Great turnaround!

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I don’t think MSU will sweep Alabama at Tuscaloosa. They will probably sweep Missouri. If so, we must win 4 of our remaining 6 to tie with them but finish ahead with the tie-breaker. It won’t be easy to win 4, much harder still to win 5.

I’d love to win the series in Knoxville, but TN has made a believer of me. They’re good. First goal is to avoid getting swept.

I hope we’re not over-using Kopps.

What’s new about a tough schedule for the Hogs? There is not a reason in the world the Hogs won’t continue to win the next series and we have the tiebreaker against the mud balls of Mississippi. If we retain Number One this week (and we should), the Hogs own the record for consecutive weeks at # One over the last ten years at 11.

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We will see just how good Tennessee is next weekend. Perhaps like the big brother reminding the little brother that he’s getting better, but needs a little more lead in his pencil?

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If the hogs show up ready to play from the opening pitch I feel good about opening up with a win in Knoxville. Missouri didn’t pose a threat to Tennessee this weekend that will change best Friday night. I’m looking forward to the next 2 series. Play ball!

I’m with you Army, from former Navy! If we’re Omaha quality national championship contenders, we need to prove it now when the road ahead is rough. If we finish strong in this conference, we will be nail hardened and ready for anything the post season throws at us.

Tenn is very good but don’t have the pitching we just saw against Ga.Vandy scored just 8 runs against Ga in 3 games,they scored 19 against Tenn.Tenn is hitting the ball very well and that is a concern but I think if we can hit the ball the way we’re capable we can win 2/3 or even sweep.Wick is really throwing the ball WELL and if he can give us 6 and then bring in the Koppsinator we can set the tone for the weekend,we swept them 2 yrs ago,they haven’t forgot, so we need to draw 1st blood and remind them they are not playing Kentucky or Mizzou, we are the # 1 team in the country!


I am worried about the depth of our pitching which might be a real problem in regionals. Wicklander is the only starter with any consistency. Of course Kopps is from another planet but he can’t pitch every game. The only somewhat reliable relievers after Kopps are Monke and Costieu. The other relievers give up too many walks and homers.

We’ve played much stiffer competition throughout the season and haven’t lost a series yet. Regionals will be an easier task than probably 5 of our weekends already played (State Farm Classic in Arlington, La Tech, MSU, Ole Miss, USC) and the 2 upcoming (UT and UF).

Wicklander is the ace (certainly now and for the better part of the season) and Pallette has been a quality second starter. Those two give you a chance to win two games, which is often more than enough with our offense. Once we get past the other team’s ace in Game 1, their quality of arms will likely drop more significantly than ours.

Until this team loses a series, I’ve got no question about any part of it.

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I haven’t watched Leiter pitch very much, but am aware of his performance this season. What those stats (the ones you mention above) suggest to me is a guy who normally has a very good to dominant breaking ball, that isn’t breaking any more. Or, at least, not nearly as much as usual. And that could be a symptom of a “tired arm”.

Just off-the-cuff speculation on my part. But this is very concerning for Vandy, whatever it is. Their whole personality is that they’ve got TWO starters who are “death and taxes” types, and in a short series that bodes very well for them. However, IF one of those two guys falters, the rest of their team is good - not great. In other words, unless both of those guys are throwing at a very high level…as they were for the first 2 months of the season…they may not make it to Omaha, much less win there.

Yes for sure. Prove it on the field and beat Tenn and Florida that would make the ranking hold some salt! I think anything can happen in these last 2 series. Just play the games!

Those are very valid concerns for sure,we really need a couple more to step up and be counted on,I think in trying to give everyone a shot cost us in developing Trest,Morris and Vermillion and Noland have been hurt so we have been depleted a little,Tole has been a pleasant surprise and may help us moving forward

The offense is so good that even good pitching staffs like Miss St are hammered by us,we are going to score 7-8 runs most of the time and that is against SEC pitching.

The teams we face in the regional won’t show us anything we haven’t already seen as good as or better and we have faced some very good offensive teams and we usually hold them to 5 or less.Kopps is the Ace in the hole and can throw 3 days in a row if needed,and we have a GREAT defensive team,all is all this is a very tough team to beat because Wick can pitch with anybody and our offense combined with Kopps closing is good to win the 1 other game.

Don’t forget how good Pallette was pitching before the unfortunate ump incident. He was cruising.

Leiter has averaged 107 pitches per outing in the SEC and that will wear on any arm. I agree with you, if Vandy has arm issues with either stud down the stretch… they are in big trouble.