As if we had any doubt who's behind this

Check this tweet from Fox.

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Chuck Barrett said everyone would either be an ESPN School or a Fox School.

TV is the driving force behind all it.

It is pretty much already that way.


Let the B1G take all those west coast teams. They will have an easier time scheduling and when they do travel all the way east, that 2 to 3 hour change will be their problem. The SEC can absorb east coast teams and have a maximum 1 hour time difference when traveling. A fill-in for Paul was making a case for V-Tech, as opposed to Virginia, in the SEC, based on their popularity in the state. Why not take both? Then get UNC and let Duke go wherever they wish (preferably elsewhere). Maybe takeClemson, too. I haven’t added all the numbers. My dream would be to see Mizzou out of the SEC. They’re a poor fit all the way around. And it’s personal, not fully logical. :grin: Partially personal anyway, there is some logic is them not being an SEC school.

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When I traveled for work, going East 1 time-zone didn’t bother me. Traveling West, especially to the Pacific time zone, messed with my sleep for a few days. About the time I adjusted, it was time to come home and I felt out of sorts again.

I feel the same!

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Understatement Award!!

If we are frustrated in the SEC with 11 AM (Noon) games, Imagine the BG10…someday we might see a common site weekend tournament with four games played in the same location. I can imagine the television executives would love this concept to better control and manage their financial interest. - who really needs the universities, students or fans if you can have the teams to broadcast?

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