As if the rest of us don’t already have pig hearts…

If this dude survives (and prayers for him), he really should learn how to call the Hogs.


Leading up to the full heart transplant, Drs, have been using pig heart valves for replacements for over 10 years. My Dad, at age 88, had his aortic valve replaced by a pig valve about 10 years ago. When we discussed with the Surgeon, he said the options were a pig valve or a manufactured valve. He said he had much better results from the pig valve.

He only gave my Dad a couple months to live if he didn’t replace the valve. The pig valve worked well with no complications. My Dad died about a year later, but not from a faulty aortic valve. He, at least got an extra 10 months to live.

I hope this much younger man is able to survive for many years with the full pig heart.

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I swear, the article I read about this said the patient did not want to participate in this experimental transplant surgery “but then he had a change of heart”. Jeez!

Buddy of mine had a pigs valve. This was in the late 90’s maybe. Pretty sure…

Tissue valves are still commonly used. But many of them are now bovine (cow)

My cousin got a pig valve too.

By the way, what’s next for the guy with the pig heart? Will he be cured :grinning: ?

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Pig hearts seem to get broken a lot…


Yes, but Pittman seems to have a bit of the cardiac surgeon in him.

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