As I’ve said, the entire athletic program sucks.

Football has been abysmal, and basketball can never be depended upon to win anything of substance. Baseball doesn’t count, and, besides, Van Horn usually falls short anyway. The best hope we have right now is Coach Morris, and perhaps the new athletic director, Hunter Y. Entire athletic program has been horrible the last seven or eight years. Absolutely horrible. Millions of dollars flowing through there and this is what we have to show for it? What rank incompetence. Unbelievable. Sometimes I wish I was never raised a Razorback fan.

Sometimes I wish you never were either. And by sometimes, I mean always.

I even agree with you, somewhat. But, your presentation, your consistency, your attitude, your vocabulary, well, to put it in your terms, they suck.

Good to hear from the Chief Mike Anderson apologist. Your services are in acute demand today.

Not apologizing for anything. Read the posts. I’ve said I’m disappointed and he needs to do better.

You–since we are namecalling–are back to your normal “I’m a 14-year old girl and my boyfriend broke up with me so I’m going stamp my feet and cry until my feel bads feel better” form, as expected.

Your “grown man acting like a little school girl” rant is on cue, as expected.

No objectivity, no pro/con, no reasonable discourse l, just whining like a little twit. Congrats.

My feelings:

So the “entire athletic department” consists of football and basketball

Interesting take

Entirely juvenile, but interesting in a laughable way

Ok. I’ll give you womens’ track. Maybe mens’ on rare occasion compared to yesteryear. What else is there? What other programs win championships? And, yes, mens’ football and basketball are the only sports most care about. Undeniable.

no the baseabal program is in good shape but thats about it but i really like Morris!

even as sick as I am about today’s showing. Even though I wanted to kick the dog when I came home. Even though I know basketball isn’t where I want it to be & football is rebuilding. Even though I know all that, I get sick of this poster. And, by the way, baseball DOES count.

Please go away.

Nope. Here to stay. Lucky you. Truth hurts sometimes, doesn’t it?

I don’t think you are a fan at all.

I always like it when someone gets on here to voice an opinion and then tells others who disagree that the truth hurts. I’m sure the guy in the mirror tells him that he’s right and all these fools are blind.

A fanatic is one who won’t change his mind and can’t change the subject. - Winston Churchill

At times I think so to. However, other teams want to win too and they can’t all win. All things considered, the Razorbacks do as good, even better, than realistically should be expected. The fact is we are a small state with a small natural recruiting base so most years Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Auburn, Tennessee, LSU, and TA&M will be able to recruit better players than Arkansas. And, as often as not so will Kentucky (and always in basketball), Mississippi, and South Carolina.

That puts Arkansas in the lower third of the conference. Therefore, every time we end up is the top half of the SEC, like this year in Basketball, we succeeded.

That’s a good way to sugar coat a bad coach and middle of the road program.

You can make that argument about football.

But it doesn’t fly for basketball.

Just don’t need huge numbers of players.
Arkansas actually produces a pretty good number of basketball players.
They just haven’t been staying home.

No reason Arkansas cannot be elite in basketball.