As I Thought

Creighton has no legs and just does not have it. AZ is very good for certain, but just not sharp. Hope the same fate does not fall to The Hogs. It sure could

Hard to come back when you’re spent…and behind. You just get spenter.

This is my only concern with Muss’s very short rotation philosophy. Not in general, but specifically in tournament time. Yes they are young and fit kids, yes there’s a ton of tv timeouts, yes a tired Anthony Black is better than most any fresh bench player. But three games is three days is a major challenge. It might not feel too terrible, but just taking a little off a jump shot here and a rebound there really can be the difference in a game. Tonight I’m hoping our experience and confidence gained from yesterday, along with our planning and preparation just makes us the more poised team. We have tons of athleticism to spare. We need to play smart and minimize mistakes to win this one. Third place game isn’t as easy to get pumped up for, but this is what builds the character of the team. Big for our tournament resume. Huge for our confidence and maturity going into conference play.

Creighton has a shot to tie at the end. Sounds familiar.

AZ wins by 2