As hard as Bo Mattingly is puffing Chad Morris

Bo must think Chad Morris is the leading candidate by His sources or he would be puffing Simone else

Let’s see how it goes

Long live Coach Morris

Remember SEC means: “Simply Eats Coaches”

I forgot, what was Bo’s story on Gus? Bo Knows?

Bo pretty early on was having doubts Gus would return to Arkansas

He’s been on the money so far.

That pains me to say, even though I do listen to his show. Sometimes I’d like to smack him around, but he does an OK job.

Said one of his frustrations with Social Media is people jump to conclusions that “it must mean somthing”

Guilty as charged

Bo went on to say:”Somtimes just is what it is”

Stressing that with Chad Morris fellow coaches in town Coach Morris was the right guy to cover”

That said - Bo ones Chad Morris is a strong candidate and for him to perform Ft this hard I think his educated guess this is our next coach

Otherwise he could be setting the fan base up for disappointment when Morris isn’t hired

Let’s see it play out

Jeff Brohm is still my favorite because I know him better and seen his work

Chad Morris at SMU? Ok let’s see