As Fine of a Loss as I've Seen

Wow…just a smidge short, playing on the road, at Indiana, without Gafford and nearly won. Really nice game for MA and the Hogs.

I agree. Played pretty well. My only criticism is why can we not eliminate Gabe shooting the ball 5-10 seconds into the shot clock?

Big deal!? Close game against an NIT team! With no SEC type center and, except for another project, none left to sign, next year will be a disaster. However, that will justify replacing Anderson.

you have to be able to shoot some times you are a basketball player this isn’t football where you have a defensive end trying to throw a touchdown…A basketball player has to be able to make plays on both ends of the court if you are wide open and in your range you should have the confidence to knock it down and if you can pass for a better shot during that time you do so but if you can’t you “TAKE AND MAKE”…Gafford didn’t attempt a three all year yet I he practiced them in case he was put in position to take one…Gabe had bad shot selection all season but today was not one of those days neither was the providence game

I have to agree, it’s hard for me to see next year being any better, then we are right back in the same situation. I’d love to be wrong, but I’m having a hard time seeing it.

Justifying a loss on the NIT is kind of disappointing to me. It’s very accepting of being mediocre.

If, on the other hand, we have a winning season next year and win a couple of games in the NCAAT, that will be justification to retain Anderson. However,while I too would love to be proven wrong, I don’t believe that is going to happen and, in fact, I’ve lost confidence in Anderson.

Well I haven’t lost confidence in MA, when his back has been against the wall before and he has had the time to get the players needed he has done it.
This year he didn’t have the time with the unexpected last minute purchase of Perry by Miss St along with the unexpected transfers of Hall and Phillips.
But we will just have to wait and see.

projections can be made without knowing what the roster will look like.

I guess you can guess.

Why you mad bruh? Can’t you be happy for the kids Gay? What’s wrong with you Gay? Are you having a bad day Gay? Don’t be so down Gay. Be happy and Gay.

You’re not a doctor are you?

Too many excuses

Is there a way we can eliminate Gabe from shooting in the first 30 secs of the shot clock?

Whether or not I’m happy is not important. What is important is that if I’m correct about next year, Anderson will be fired and all the excuses in the world by his fanatical supporters will not save him.

And if Anderson and this team have a successful season next year, I’ll just see the haters move the goal post more to feed their preconceived notions. I’ve seen it from day 1 he got hired to today and it won’t stop till he’s eventually gone.

While I wish that certain players would be more selective about shot selection and be a little stronger at the rim, I think the biggest takeaway from this watching this game for me is with our half court offense. Yesterday and at other times during the season we experienced scoring droughts that seemingly typically took the form of taking quick threes or after dribbling around the perimeter and depleting the shot clock, a forced shot, often by the least proficient scorers.

One of the things about tournament time, one gets to see many of the good teams and how they play. It seems that some of more effective offenses pass the ball more and dribble less to work the offense. Obviously more offensive weapons would help, we got better as Sills developed, but a more effective half court offense could make the weapons more effective.

Scoring droughts happen to everybody. A lot of games are decided that way. But your underlying point is correct. There is just too much dribble, dribble. That is on the PG.

I thought a lot of that during the year had to do with the preoccupation to feed Gafford, which caused a lot of standing around, running out the shot clock, leading to desperation. I was pleased to see not much of that happened with the first game without Gafford. But that returned yesterday. Probably due to a different defense Indiana threw at us or Harris just wasn’t reading the defense as well.

I think improvement in PG play is the biggest key to next year, more than improvement at the PF.

The lack of ball movement and player movement on offense down the stretch was hard to watch. Gabe made a good cut to the basket and couldn’t finish at the rim
And missed the free throws. This isn’t his strong suit so it shouldn’t suprise anyone. The young man did his best. I wish Jones could have gotten to line more.
While we have all noticed Gabe misses at the free throw line we had missed from Harris and Joe at the charity stripe as well.
There were several gimmies at the rim during this game that players should make,
There were several bad shots and poor decisions. The late foul call ending the first half sending Indiana to the feee throw line,
the no call by the refs on drives down the base line by Jones and Joe where they were both fouled several times! The drive Desi had to the rim he was knocked to floor with no call.
The hugs built a small lead lead early and failed to add to it just as they have all year.
I thought at times we rebounded pretty good but there was a few possessions where Indiana missed shots and the hogs slapped the ball into the middle of the lane and Indiana got to the ball and made the next shot. We didn’t get the ball when we needed the stops.
The bottom line in my opinion I would rather have our season and result than the season LSU, Kansas or Auburn is having because by the time the dust clears everything those teams have accomplished will probably end up vacated.
We will be better next season. Scoring threats at PG, Wings, and the 4 is what we need. Role players that don’t know their capabilities won’t get it done. I would like to see some 4 guard lineups next year with Chaney on the floor!
I hope the players put in a lot of work in the weight room and on their shooting. We have some good guards that can score we need some bangers down low that can finish.

Put me in the camp that wants to move the bar above an “As fine of a loss”… that’s not to discredit the OP, but it does illustrate where this program is when we’re excited about playing a good game in a second round loss in the NIT.

Recruiting will make or break Mike with this class. Not a lot of fruit left on the trees on out there. Better find some here at the end. He knows this is it…I would venture to guess he knows the expectation next season is the Dance and likely more. It’s clear we aren’t making a change so let’s sit back and see what he does with his back against the wall.

You people with the excuses thing is tired and boring. Nobody has made a single excuse for Mike this year that I’ve seen. So depending on what your definition of excuse is i don’t know where you’re coming from. So many things are misquoted and so much hyperbole going on these days. The team has potential next year, there’s really not much debate there.