As far as transfers

I don’t see Arkansas rushing to fill spots. They’re going to take their time and get the right guys. Ty’Kieast was a no brainer.

I could see this possibly going into the spring. It all depends who’s available.

And I don’t think the other spots are just limited to the line.

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I agree RD, Arkansas has signed their full quote of 25. so anybody brought in as a blueshirt will not be able to be placed on scholarship until the beginning of the 2021-22 academic year.

I like how this is being handled! More time to recruit the transfer and get to know them and go after huge needs!


Did some of the seniors that returned provide more flexibility in what we use those spots for or whether we use them at all? ghg

Coach Pittman made it clear that the group of seniors he got back meant that he would likely bring in transfers with multiple years to play instead of just graduate transfers.

Crawford certainly fits that example.

Does not mean he won’t take an immediate help guy, just that the need is not as urgent as once thought

Want anyone else we bring in have to wait until summer/August? It would seem if Crawford is #25, we’re full and can only take blueshirts for next August to count against the 2022 class.

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