As far as play calling

I keep seeming people gripe about this, directed at Morris and Cradduck.

Calling them predictable, conservative, etc…

But I just want to know, what are these magical plays you think we should have tried?

At one time or another, I saw us try pretty much everything, and everything sucked. We ran screens, teams blew us up. We tried to run the ball, teams blew us up. We tried to throw over the middle, QB misses or receiver drops. We threw long, QB either doesn’t have arm strength (Storey), or throws to the other guys (Kelly). O line could not block ANYTHING.

Remember, “you can’t make chicken salad out of…”
You know the rest

You’re probably right. It all starts in the trenches. We have 3 seniors in the oline that have struggled to consistently block the plays that you mentioned. Until we fix the oline Morris’ offense will continue to struggle.

No coach , I have no clue what they should have run. All I KNOW as FACT is that we were last or next to last in
Most offensive categories.

Formation penalties, receivers running into running backs, those are coaching. It was a comedy of errors. The entire year.

Not up to me nor any fan, it’s up to coaches to figure it out. Can’t win if you don’t score points. Hammer down.

As I put in another thread a few minutes ago, you can’t coach a plowhorse to run in the Kentucky Derby.That old nag physically can’t do it. And our current personnel can’t run hammer down. So this winter we’ll be getting new horses and pushing old slow horses out of the barn. Can’t push all of them out, but you have to start somewhere.

Oh I agree swine, but I think they might have figured something out to put points on the board. Did we run a fake punt this year? An unexpected onsides kick? It’s like when we play these smaller schools. They try anything to try and win Let it all hang out. I thought we played to not lose that badly.

Just wAtched auburn run a wild formation to get a first down. Innovation, we had none.

Quick slants across middle :smiley: :smiley: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

Same ole story shouted out with every OC we’ve had since CBB was hired. HC & OC predictable on offense. Especially with Chaney & how bland we looked under him. But look at Georgia now, very good offense, nothing fancy but got the studs & good Oline.

You can run any play with success when you have the talent to do so.
We have players running into each because we’re trying different things not worked on that much or just put in that week and look silly if it don’t work. We had to razzle dazzle dbl reverse pass to wide open QB might have scored but the pass was 10 yards short.
Talent talent talent is needed to play in this league & run your offense (any offense basically). Those fancy plays work once or twice a year, if that.

I get the frustration , we all do .
I try to answer that question this way. How many of our eleven starters on offense would start for Alabama— my guess is zero. How many will be drafted in first four rounds in NFL draft from offense—my guess is zero again. What SEC coaches would have won six or more games with this group. I think we should have won 5 games this year.

Lack of speed (playmakers) is biggest problem. Lack depth online is next biggest problem. Speed and talent is reason for poor record. Recruiting over next three years is key. Gotta win more games to help recruiting too. We will see improvement next year.

I would have liked to see more wild hog.

Ran a double reverse pass and the WR short armed it by about 10 yards to a wide open Story

Play Calling is the LEAST of our issues.

Watching Alabama play you recognize their talent level but they are so sound in executing the fundamental of blocking and tackling. They keep a solid and low base, keep feet moving and finish the contact with their hips