As far as anyone knows

Is B.J. Mack still visiting this weekend?

I don’t think so Jeff there was something a few days ago saying that he is visited all the teams he’s interested in… Strange why he wouldn’t think we’re a good great place for him…

Based on his tweet Sunday, it doesn’t look like he’s visiting? I don’t know who dropped who? Was it us or him that decided against the visit?

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As of the 20th, he told the Columbia SC paper that he was still considering us. Either something happened since then, or he visited early and nobody found out.

Or maybe he had a “zoom visit” when we first made contact, and he now considers that all the visit he needs?

It is strange that, 3 days before his above tweet, he told South Carolina he was still considering us.

I don’t know this for certain, but I think the Hogs may have moved on from him.

I believe he was a smoke screen player. I think we scheduled his visit so far out because we never planned to actually bring him in and just wanted other schools to think that we were seriously after him.

Wonder when we pick up anyone else

Seems several people were saying just wait till next week. Which is this week. Still happening?

I don’t recall anyone saying something was happening this week. Last week, when Dudley said he was going on Vaca, he said this:

“I’ll be back at work on the 29th. I’ll check In occasionally but I’m signing off now. As I said earlier, as of now I don’t anticipate anything big happening with basketball”.

So maybe something will happen after he gets back Saturday.

There was some talk for sure in the Hunter Dickinson/Oscar T thread below. I think there was more than that one too.

There was a lot of people that were saying wait until this week, and all of the insiders on the different boards were trying to walk it back. They were quoting John Neighbors who said something “MAY” happen next week that will be big.

But Neighbors is in the McPherson category. Blows smoke and if something happens says “see I told you.”

We are on another 6’6-6’7 player. We’re never on a big (even though “those in the know” claimed were were. Two weeks after the portal opened, Muss said he was very comfortable with the “bigs” we currently have.

Don’t believe the smoke screens. The 6’6-6’7 guy isn’t “the biggest” portal guy we get. Trust me

I have come to a conclusion and hoping that Muss does not add a big. I kind of like Fall and Brazile at 5 and 4 with Mitchell and Graham to back them up. I don’t want Fall relegated to the bench and lose him to a transfer. He could be a game changer defensively by the end of season and may even stick around for a second year.

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If this guy is not better than the 5 transfers we have commitments from, makes you wonder why would he want to come here.

It’s purely a function of filling the 13th scholarship in case Walsh and Devo don’t return, which I believe is very, very likely for Devo and very possible, if not probably for Walsh.

Again, I don’t know why the secrecy in the name. Tre White is the name of the forward. It’s very public that we’re pursuing at some level.

I think right now, we’re in a waiting game of NBA draft decisions, portal closing, and who becomes more available from those sources.

If it is Tre, I can see why he would come here. Wonder if all commitments would hold if we add Tre,

You never know, but I would be surprised if any commitments bolt. I think it would be much more likely that an existing player could leave, but that window is closing shortly.

Has White also put his name in the draft? I’ve seen him on a couple mock drafts in the mid to low 2nd round.

According to this list from The Sporting News, which was updated Sunday (the deadline was 10:59 pm CT Sunday night), the answer is no.

As probably noted in thread, no Mack visit this weekend. Arkansas isn’t pursuing.

Sorry, checking in from time to time.