As expected

Brenden Jordan to Tech.

Good luck to him… I have no doubt we will get just as good or better.

I said I would chime in afterwards. I was spending time with Megan and the dogs this morning so reason for delay.

He had his mind made up earlier in the week. Carter leaving had a big impact. No surprise.

I truly think if he had made a decision say this summer Bowman would’ve had a chance to maybe get him on board. We’ll see what happens going forward.


Well if he liked Carter so much he’s going to a place where he’s not going to be there either… Doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to turn down an SEC School but like I said good luck to him …his life

I talked to another kid who said Bowman is in contact with him everyday. I’m hearing that a lot. If Bowman doesn’t get a kid, it won’t because of effort.


I think he is going to be an awesome recruiter! Watching his videos he is very engaging and very technique oriented I’m excited he’s our coach and I think he will bring in his share of very good players. Like Dallas young said he has an incredible personality and people are going to love being around him.

Wish him the best. WPS

Time will tell but Bowman has a good rep! I have a cousin that played football in college in southern Arkansas and he knew him and said that he’s a great person. Coming from him it hits home because my cousin don’t pass out components if they aren’t earned.

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I had a chance to talk to him for a few minutes recently and was impressed.

Looking forward to formally talking to the new coaches, who have not been made available as of yet.

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