As expected

Matthew Horton will not be visiting Arkansas this upcoming weekend after recently committing to Western Kentucky.

What happened with Keyshawn Embery, did he ever make it up for his visit?

Yes. He and his adoptive parents visited and left this morning. The Cook arrest obviously was not good timing.

Yep, figured that much. Hard to sell someone coming to play for you and telling the parents you’ll look out for their kid, when you’re having to go bail one of your players out of jail.

Leave them in jail that got in the poky without any help let them stay in jail!
What a wonderful weekend. Well since he’s out of jail is he packing yet?

I am sure the parents and Keyshawn are well aware that this is an individual issue and could happen anywhere, since it is an isolated incident. If they think otherwise, I wonder about them.

There’s many of isolated incidents that turn people off even though it may not be the norm. If I go to a restaurant and there’s a bug in my food, although I may have been to that restaurant several times and I know it’s not the norm, it’s going to turn me off from eating there, at least for a while. Parents are protective of their kids, it wouldn’t be out of the ordinary for that situation to have turned them off hearing about one of the players assaulting someone, especially if the reports are true that the person was unconscious. That’s not a normal situation.

With that said, obviously I hope the staff smoothed it over and assured them that’s something that they won’t tolerate and it doesn’t affect Embery’s situation, but I’m certainly not going to fault the parents and wonder about them if that situation turned them off a little bit.

I would personally look at the program as a whole and if the program had a history of problems.

While it does not appear to be chronic, yes the program does have some history of legal issues. Even the current player in question has a history.
It also has a history of quality individuals who have gone on to live outstanding lives and make a difference. The bad always gets the attention though.

I think Richard was referring to history relative to other schools and not just in vacuum.

Is he still visiting?